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Gmail Connection Is Now Always Secured By HTTPS!

The Google free webmail service enforces every Gmail connection to be completely secured by HTTPS protocol. I and most others believe that this implementation is in response to cyber attacks originate from China in mid-December 2009.

Like most of the Google web services, Gmail authenticates user login via Google account in HTTPS connection. After passing user authentication, the Gmail session is then in HTTP mode. Having said that, everything you do in Gmail, e.g. reading or writing message, can be easily read by whoever interested in your Gmail communication.

Although there is an option in Settings page to secure the whole Gmail session, from the time login until account logout, not all users bother to take a minute or less to make it harder for the black hat hackers. Besides, one can also enforce Gmail always use HTTPS protocol by manually type https://mail.google.com to access the Gmail login page.

Likewise, if you would like to disable Gmail always uses HTTPS protocol, there is no other ways than manually configure the Settings page – Login to Gmail and click Settings link on the top-right corner. Then, go to General tab and select “Don’t always use https”:

The options used to secure Gmail connection.

The downsides of securing Gmail completely with HTTPS protocol are as follow:

1) Gmail Notifier will not work until the patch for Notifier is installed.

2) Error when attempting to read or send email in Gmail for mobile application.

3) Errors when using Google Toolbar’s Send to function.

If your Gmail account is simply used to keep newsletters or forwarded junk mails about joke and fun, then you probably not bother about security except the speed of loading and reading the messages. Guess that is the reason some would like to disable HTTPS and flavour the faster HTTP connection.

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