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How To Add Virtual PC 2007 Image To New Windows Virtual PC?

Can you import and use the Windows virtual machines created by Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 in the latest Windows Virtual PC? The answer is YES.

Steps to import virtual machines created in Virtual PC 2007 to Windows Virtual PC:

1) Open Windows Virtual PC and click “Create virtual machine”:

How to migrate Virtual PC 2007 to Windows Virtual PC?

2) In the “Create a virtual machine” dialog box, give it a name (e.g. VistaSP2) and then click Browse button to locate the folder that keeps the Virtual PC 2007 hard disk image file of the said virtual machine.

3) Click Next to continue. You might be prompted that the .vmc file already exists. This is normal, since both Windows Virtual PC and Virtual PC 2007 using the same file extension as virtual machine settings file. If your system is capable to run the new Windows Virtual PC and confirm to replace Virtual PC 2007 with it, then safe to click Yes button to continue.

4) Allocate amount of memory for the Windows version running on this virtual machine in question. Of course it is possible to specify higher than minimum requirement if you can justify that.

5) In the “Add a virtual hard disk”, make sure choose “use an existing virtual hard disk” option and click Browse button to select the .vhd file (virtual hard disk) from the correct folder (i.e. the folder that contains the virtual hard disk file of this particular virtual machine).

6) Click the Create button to get the work done. You should see a new shortcut appears in Virtual Machines listing. Click it to power on.

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  1. Mario 23-02-10@19:10

    You can double-click in your existing VMC file and your virtual machine created with Microsoft Virtual PC, will be created in the folder of Windows Virtual PC

  2. Walker 23-02-10@21:10

    Oh, thank you!

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