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How To Get SHA-1 Checksum Of File In Windows?

What is that SHA-1 checksum and how to compute or check the SHA-1 checksum in Windows 7?

You will come across SHA-1 checksum as you download the DVD image file of Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1.

What is SHA-1 checksum? How to compute or check SHA-1 checksum of a file?

Similar to MD5 checksum, SHA-1 is just another cryptographic hash values or message digest of data. While MD5 hashing algorithm creates a 128-bit hash value, SHA-1 hashing algorithm creates a 160-bit hash value.

In order to ensure a piece of data (e.g. string, file, program, etc) received by recipient is genuine or has not been tampered, the publisher will and should use a hashing algorithm (e.g. MD5, SHA-1, etc) to calculate the data checksum and pass it to recipient for verification.

Upon receive the data completely, recipient uses the same hashing algorithm to compute the data checksum and verify it against the one sent by publisher. Should the hash value or message digest match, then the data is said to be genuine or remains intact.

So, after download the Windows SDK ISO image, you should check and verify the SHA-1 checksum to confirm the image file has not been corrupted (caused by incomplete download, etc).

Although Microsoft Windows doesn’t bundle any file checksum program, cannot even find one in the latest Windows 7, there are many 3-party freeware. For example both HashCheck and digestIT 2004 are capable to calculate MD5 and SHA-1 checksum of files. The HashCheck can even compute CRC-32 and MD4 checksum, if you’re interested in these hash values too.

There is also one offer from Microsoft Download Center. However, the Microsoft File Checksum Integrity Verifier is stated as an unsupported command line file checksum utility. Well, no big deal – although it works but I bet you will not want to keep using this boring command line program after trying HashCheck that integrate file checksum functions to Windows Explorer.

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