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digestIT 2004: MD5 and SHA-1 File Checksum Freeware For Windows

I stumble upon digestIT 2004 while writing the earlier two posts, which is yet another freeware that integrate MD5 and SHA-1 checksum functionality into the Windows Explorer context menu.

Unlike HashCheck, instead of generate and display file checksum in file properties dialog box, digestIT 2004 allows users to calculate either MD5 or SHA-1 file checksum by activating option in the Windows Explorer context menu – just right click one or more files and access to “digestIT 2004” menu.

digestIT 2004 - Windows freeware for calculate MD5 or SHA-1 file checksum.

The digestIT 2004 is natively support both 32 and 64-bit Microsoft Windows. It works correctly as I test it in Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

So, between HashCheck and digestIT 2004, which is better? I would say both are indeed good as a file checksum freeware for Windows, although I prefer HashCheck for these points:
  • localization feature (current version 2.1.11 supports 20 languages for user interface)
  • capable to generate 4 type of file checksum at one go (i.e. CRC-32, MD4, MD5, and SHA-1),
  • small memory and disk footprint (the 32-bit version consumes less than 100 KiB of disk space),
  • generate checksum file or verify checksum of files against the hashes stored in checksum files

If you prefer the true “right-click and calculate checksum” interface, digestIT 2004 is no doubt better than HashCheck that require one to access the checksum tab in file properties dialog box.

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  1. Walker 28-02-10@12:14

    Thank you Huw for telling me that I forgot to share the official digestIT 2004 download link.

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