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Use Custom USB Drive Icon To Make Your Gift Outstanding

A fashioned USB flash drive is cool for gift. It will be even better if the gift has a special USB drive icon to be shown in Microsoft Windows.

Imagine how outstanding the ubiquitous storage device looks like if it is a gift meant for birthday, Christmas, New Year, etc.

Better still, the “cost of production” is theoretically zero and the process of creating one USB drive icon is nothing complicated than writing program.

In brief, all you have to do are simple as these:

1) Crop an image (of logo or portrait), resize it to at least 72 x 72 pixels, and then save it as icon file format. To look nice, crop the image to same width and height before resize the cropped image.

2) Copy the icon file to USB flash drive.

3) Create autorun.inf file with this two-line content:

Replace the icon file name appropriately (to what you named it in step 1). Optionally, set the icon file and autorun.inf file attribute to hidden and read-only (where hidden property is to prevent these files from appearing in a default Windows installation; read-only property to avoid the files from being changed easily).

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