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Christmas Gift: Create A Custom Icon For USB Drive

While an USB flash drive with stunning design can be an ornament, you can also make a preciseness USB drive outstanding in Windows by adding a custom logo or portrait of beloved as USB drive icon, such as this one when I plug the 16GB thumbdrive to Windows 7 Ultimate :-)

Knowing that everyone in my office has at least one USB flash drive, and guess no one will say no for two or more of this ubiquitous, tiny storage device nowadays, I choose an standard SanDisk Cruzer for the coming Christmas gift exchange.

Custom USB flash drive icon for Christmas gift.

To make it slightly different, at least to trigger some spark emotionally, I add a portrait of recipient as the USB drive icon used by Microsoft Windows:

1) Crop the portrait to same width and height, then resize it to dimension of 72 x 72 and save it as ico file format (i.e. icon file). My preference of image editor for this case is IrfanView freeware.

2) Copy the icon file created in step one to the USB flash drive. Optionally, set this icon file attributes to “hidden” and “read-only”.

Create custom icon for USB drive used in Microsoft Windows.

3) Create a file named autorun.inf with following content and save it in the USB drive. Optionally, set the autorun.inf file attribute to “hidden” and “read-only”.

(replace the wn.ico file name to whatever you have named the icon file created in step one).

That’s all you have to do, to create a custom icon for USB drive used in Microsoft Windows. If the AutoPlay function is activated, (your beloved) will be surprised to see his/her photo appearing in the AutoPlay dialog box.

If you have a Christmas gift exchange party and yet decide what to give, why not just buy a little but useful USB flash drive and customize it with really personal taste or message for your recipient (who is using Windows; not sure what will happen in Mac OX or Ubuntu, etc). Merry Christmas!

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