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Using Gmail Inline Image Feature To Paste Image Into Email Body

The Gmail inline image feature is not enabled by default. Indeed, it is one of the many experimental features parked under Gmail Labs and it is only activated if user explicitly turn it on.

Inserting Images, a Gmail Labs feature developed by Kent T, allows Gmail users to insert or paste image files to the email body:

Using Gmail Labs feature to paste image files in email message body

1) Go to Gmail Labs under Settings page,

2) Locate “Inserting Images” from the list of Gmail Labs experimental features and set its “Enable” option,

3) Click Save Changes button at bottom of page to activate the selected Gmail Labs feature.

From now on until this Gmail Labs feature is removed or retired, you can easily paste image files (taken from either local computer or web page via image’s URL) to the message body by clicking Insert Image icon in the compose email screen.

The Insert Image and other icons are not available when you access Gmail in “basic HTML” view, which is the default view if Gmail takes longer times to load.

Besides, image inserted via web address or URL are not shown if the image’s URL is on a website that disable image hotlinking.

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