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How To Turn Off GTalk Or Chat Feature In Gmail?

The GTalk or Google Talk function is available in Gmail and enabled by default. In addition to send instant messages to other Gmail contacts, you can also make a voice and video call after installing voice and video chat plug-in.

If for some reason you’re not happy with this chat feature appears in your Gmail sidebar (left pane), you can temporarily turn it off but there is no way to remove it.

Turn off or disable Gmail chat function

As usual, there are many ways to the Rome:

1) Simply click the Chat title bar to toggle GTalk function on and off:

2) At the bottom of Gmail page, there is a link to turn on and off Gmail chat function:

Turn off or disable Gmail chat function

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  1. Gaurav Agrawal 26-10-10@13:23

    Well, the solution is ok but did not work for me. Here’s what didn’t work and the solution on my blog

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