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How To Know That I Have Activated Gmail Labs Features?

Gmail Labs containing a lot of experimental features that are yet ready for general Gmail users. However, there is no restriction to anyone who would like to try them out.

You might have enabled some of the Gmail Labs features at some times ago, but you cannot remember that for sure. Needless to say, the number of Gmail features you might have turned on is again a question mark.

Of course, you can confirm and verify it at Settings page, looking for the Gmail Labs tab. However, that is not the only way. Indeed, that is not the easiest way!

The easiest method to tell if you have been using Gmail Labs features, is by looking for a green glassware icon at the top-right corner, seated in between Gmail address and Settings link (as shown):
Gmail Labs indicator tells how many Gmail Labs features you have activated.

The Gmail Labs indicator icon only shown if you have turned on one or more of the Gmail Labs features. When the mouse pointer rest on it, you’ll be told how many Gmail Labs features are enabled. You can also click that little green glassware icon to access directly to the page of Gmail Labs.

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