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How To Get Windows Live Messenger To Show Music I Am Listening To?

Summarize the earlier post: In Windows 7, how to display music I am listening to in Windows Live Messenger?

In order for this feature to work in Windows 7, you need 2+1 steps:
  1. Enable Windows Live Messenger Music Plugin of Windows Media Player 12 (32-bit version only).
  2. Enable the Show what I’m listening to in Windows Live Messenger.
  3. Unless Microsoft willing to release a patch to fix the problem, you have to catalog music files to Windows 7 library in order the song played by Windows Media Player 12 to appears in Windows Live Messenger. (Therefore, this step is required now and will be optional later if there is a patch.)

How To Turn On Windows Live Messenger Music Plugin?

In Windows 7 64-bit, the default Windows Media Player shortcut refers to the 32-bit version. At this time being, only the 32-bit version of Windows Media Player 12 comes with this Windows Live Messenger Music Plugin.

How to activate Windows Media Player 12 plugin?

To enable Windows Live Messenger Music Plugin, click Tools menu, go to Plug-ins and make sure the Windows Live Messenger Music Plugin is ticked (enabled). If you don’t see the Tools menu, press CTRL+M keyboard shortcut to show menu bar of Windows Media Player 12.

How to activate “Show what I’m listening to” plugin?

With Windows Live Messenger v14.0.8089.726, click the downward triangle next to personal message (under your display name) and tick the “Show what I’m listening to”.

Easier way to activate music plugin of Windows Live Messenger.

Alternative, click your display name and select “Change display name” (or press ALT+T keyboard shortcut followed by Options) to open the Windows Live Messenger Option dialog box. Select “Personal” on the left pane and tick the check-box labelled as “Show song information from Windows Media Player as a personal message”.

Open Option dialog box to active Windows Live Messenger music plugin

How to add music files to Windows 7 music library?

Suppose you didn’t change the Windows 7 music library locations, the system generated “my music” folder of your Windows user account is default location of music library. Therefore, keep all the music files in “My Music” folder will automatically catalog by Windows 7 to music library.

You can also manually add music folders to Windows Music library via Windows Explorer or Windows Media Player. (Refer to previous post on detail of doing this.)

Windows Media Player can also be configured to automatically add played music files, both at local or remote computer, to Windows 7 music library:

Set Windows Media Player 12 to automatically add playing music files at local or remote computer to Windows 7 music library.

Press Tools menu and select Options to open Windows Media Player 12 Option dialog box, go to Player tab and tick the check boxes that say “Add local media files to library when played” and “Add remote media files to library when played”.

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  1. Jay 08-03-10@13:24

    Thanks bro.
    Had hunted thru the menu options on both sides, and hadn’t thought to check under “plugins”, as WMP and MSN had always been so tightly integrated for so long, it didn’t occur to me they’d be moving this out of perceived “core” functionality.
    Good ole MS.
    Thanks again.

  2. Rollingstones 23-10-10@23:43

    Hey, i did so but when i tried to check th box in WLM to enable “Show what ‘m listening to, it says “download WMP version 9 and above” i alrdy have latest. doing this doesnt help too. How?

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