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How To Disable Windows 7 Aero Peek Function?

The new Windows 7 user interfaces are nice to explore and talk about. Although I have reservations about the claims of user friendly or usefulness, I agree that those fancy user interfaces do able to make people happier looking at a (Windows) computer during the Windows 7 launch, demo, or introduction.

Personally, I find the Aero Peek useless. For some reason, maybe because of right-handed, I have quite often activated the Aero Peek feature accidentally.

Consider this: While I am reading on screen, the mouse pointer accidentally move down to the bottom-right corner, where the Windows 7 Show Desktop and Aero Peek activator is seated. As you can imagine, that is how terrible and annoying when the Aero Peek triggered without my intention.

Before I get used to this “peek” phenomena, I thought the Windows 7 is shutting down or resetting itself, as all the open windows minimized, left only “empty boxes” on Desktop.

Disable Windows 7 Aero Peek

Therefore, Aero Peek is the first fancy interface I want to disable, which can be done by executing either one of these two methods:

The easier way to disable Aero Peek of Windows 7.1) Right click the Show Desktop / Aero Peek control bar at the bottom-right corner and click the “Peek at desktop” option – A tick symbol or check mark next to this option means Aero Peek is enabled / activated; otherwise Aero Peek is disabled (as shown in screenshot).

2) Right click the Windows 7 Start menu button and select Properties. In the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog box, go to Taskbar tab and remove check mark for the “Use Aero Peek to preview the desktop” setting (as shown in the following screenshot):

Setting that used to turn off Windows 7 Aero Peek feature.

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