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Windows Live Messenger Not Show Music Listening In Windows 7 With Windows Media Player 12

Some time ago, I read few comments left on the post about how to show what I am listening to in Windows Live Messenger.

As I was not using Windows 7 at that time, I didn’t reply any comments regarding problem of Windows 7 not showing the music listening to Windows Live Messenger as the song plays in Windows Media Player 12. However, I am pleased to see follow-up from others who shed light on the problem reported.
Thanks to Zoki/ZokiDame, Michael, and t0t1 for your participation. I will consider putting you guys in the free gift list if I got sponsor for that matter. (If you left comments with fake email, then I am sorry.)

Now, I use Windows 7 Ultimate RTM (version 6.1.7600), running Windows Live Messenger version 2009 (build 14.0.8089.726) and the bundled Windows Media Player 12 (version 12.0.7600.16415).

I notice the Windows Live Messenger does showing the song I play in Windows Media Player. But, the “music listening” information gone as I change track or when the second song in the playlist starts.

I understand now what problem you guys were talking about. Although the problem can be solved in no time, but I kinda agree with Michael’s view that Microsoft seems to force us using Windows 7 Library feature, whether you happy with this or not :-(

Suppose the guess is actually true, then likely there will be no fix or patch from Microsoft for this “problem”. Your choice is to catalogue all your music folders to Windows 7 library so that Windows Media Player 12 will show the music you’re listening to Windows Live Messenger. Otherwise, give it up or find the other ways to fix it yourself. (If you’re kind to share with me, please leave a comment with your alternative fix. I appreciated it).

How to fix Windows 7 problem of not showing music played by Windows Media Player 12 to Windows Live Messenger

Finally, Windows 7 show music listening in Windows Live Messenger.

The fix, as mentioned by Michael, is to catalogue or add your music folder to Windows 7 library. There are three ways to get it done:

Using Windows 7 default music folder for the user account

By default, Windows 7 library include My Music folder of user account. Therefore, all music files that are kept in this system generated folder are included by the Music library automatically. Personally, I never use those system generated folders of my user account to store personal stuff :-)

Using Windows Explorer

1) Open Windows Explorer. By default, you’ll see the Libraries display.

Only music files catalog in Windows 7 music library will shows to Windows Live Messenger as it playing in Windows Media Player 12.

Using Windows Explorer to add music folders to Windows Music library.2) Right click “Music library” and select “Properties” from the pop-up menu.

3) In the Music Properties dialog box, click the “Include a folder” button to add folders that containing your music files to the music library. (Browse to the root folder that containing music and click “Include folder”).

Using Windows Media Player 12

1) Open Windows Media Player 12 comes with Windows 7. Similar to Windows Explorer, the default screen as Windows Media Player 12 starts up is also a library display.

2) Right click “Music” on the left pane and select “Manage music library”. Alternatively, click “Organize” button on the top-left corner and select “Manage libraries” then “Music”.

3) In the Music Library Location dialog box, click Add button to include music folders to the Windows 7 library and click OK button.

Using Windows Media Player 12 to add music folders to Window music library.

Once the music you’re playing with Windows Media Player 12 catalogue to Windows 7 music library, you should be seeing the music listening information displayed in Windows Live Messenger.

If Windows Live Messenger stills not showing music listening

Check if Windows Media Player 12 has installed and enabled the Windows Live Messenger Music plugin.

In my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, only the Windows Media Player 32-bit version has installed this music plugin by default. The default Windows Media Player shortcut in Taskbar or Start menu is pointed to 32-bit version.

Turn on Windows Live Messenger Music plugin to show music listening.To check if Windows Live Messenger Music Plugin is installed and enabled, open the Option dialog box, access to Plug-ins tab, select the “Background” category. If the plugin is installed, make sure it’s enabled (check-box is ticked).

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  1. Walker 07-12-09@23:05


    • Besides enable the “Windows Live Messenger Music Plugin” in Windows Media Player 12, you also need to enable the “Show what I’m listening to” in Windows Live Messenger.
    • Microsoft might fix it – a speculation after reading Linda Yan reply to Darats
  2. jamal 18-12-09@17:17

    THX (walker) everything was great ;)

  3. katie 12-01-10@07:12

    thanks so much :)

  4. NoNGaE-IST 31-01-10@00:30

    thanks so much :D

  5. Ronald 25-03-10@03:41

    Thanks, nice and clear solution!

  6. Chem 04-04-10@17:27

    i found the answer to this problem under the messenger live options,personal tab it says “show song information from windows media player as a personal mesage” check the box next to it.

  7. DjLufthanza 03-10-10@08:52

    I did install Windows Media Player Plus!, and that solved the problem for me!

    Kasper, Norway

  8. Tyler 16-10-10@22:07

    Finally! This was bugging me for ages, the last tip about the plug-ins tab was the problem in Win7 – never thought to look there.


  9. Kasper 27-08-11@03:19

    Isnt there a way to show the tracks without including them in the WMP library?
    I hate that library as it only slows down WMP…

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