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YouTube History: The First Video In YouTube

You probably interested to follow the ever changing YouTube Top 10 chart from time to time. Some of you might already know the trick of finding the most “popular” YouTube video that never been static as time pass by.

However, “the first YouTube video” or “the YouTube user who published the first video in YouTube” is history that remains unchanged, even at the end of Maya calendar :-)

As of today, Google Search returns a 9-digit count of relevant records found in the Net at this time being!
How to find out which is the first video uploaded to YouTube?
The answer can also be found in YouTube.com itself. Although it’s not published explicitly at its home page, you can easily find it by using YouTube site-search function that I mentioned earlier.

Who uploaded the first video to YouTube in history?

Assuming the search result is fair and accurate, as shown in the screenshot, jawed is the first person in the world who uploaded the first video to YouTube.com, regardless he is the first registered user or not. The video clip, titled “Me at the zoo” reached YouTube.com at 8:27PM on Saturday April 23rd, 2005, which was said taken by Yakov Lapitsky at the San Diego Zoo.

The 2nd video posted in YouTube, “My Snowboarding Skillz”, belongs to MV. The third video, “Flambe Disaster”, posted by tunafat on the next day.

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