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How To Configure Kaspersky IS 2010 Firewall Rule?

Kaspersky explicitly claims that only version (Critical Fix 2) and higher are compatible with Windows 7. That might not be true, however, especially to those who experiences Windows 7 hang problem when copying some files with Easy Asian characters.

In addition, I don’t think that everyone happy with its new Firewall rule maintenance interface. To me, it is confusing and not user-friendly.

Kaspersky IS 2010 Firewall “problem” and solution

These following guides are made with reference to version, the latest Kaspersky IS that said compatible with Windows 7, at this time of writing.

1) Trusted applications are automatically allowed to all network activities. In some occasions, I hardly able to stop a new program from sending information to Internet right after installation have done, because the program signed with digital signature and thus classified as trusted program.

To prevent this from happening, I’ve to disable the network card from Windows during installation. After installation completes, define a new Firewall filtering rule that block all network access to supersede default rules set by Kaspersky.

To add user-defined filtering rule to a program: In Firewall filtering rules, select target program in the list and click “Add” link (at bottom) to proceed with Network Rules dialog box (as shown).

Add your own firewall filtering rule to supersede default firewall rule defined by Kaspersky IS 2010

Delete old and unwanted firewall filtering rule from Kaspersky IS 20102) Are you mad looking for a way to delete application from the Firewall filtering rules?

You cannot manually delete an application appears in Firewall filtering rules setup page. You can, however, delete the application from Application Activity Control – right click a program from the list and select “Delete from the list”:
  • Click the Kaspersky icon in Notification Area (System Tray). Alternatively, go to Start button > All programs > Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 to launch the security program.
  • In the main program user interface, click “My Security Zone” follow by “Application activity” link:
    Delete or housekeep unwanted firewall rules from Kaspersky IS 2010
  • Select “All” from the Category drop-drop list box, locate the unwanted program and right click to select “Delete from list” option. That’s the way to delete or housekeep unwanted firewall rules in Kaspersky IS 2010!

3) Kaspersky IS 2010 will automatically delete programs from firewall filtering rules, if the programs remain inactive for a number of days that defined by user. Right click Kaspersky icon in Notification Area, select Settings, click Application Control on the left panel, and tick the check box labelled as “Delete rules for applications remaining inactive for more than xx days”.

Not happy with the new Kaspersky IS? Well, you have choice to live with it or drop it and pick up alternative Internet security software to safeguard your lovely Windows 7.

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  1. Chiku 21-02-10@03:02

    Thanks for everything…but i still have a problem with my mozilla…it seems to be refusing to load any page that i type in…..please if possible can u email me with a solution…if u have the time….it will be much appreciated…..my operating system is Windows Vista…Cheerd

  2. adal 30-01-11@21:12

    i am using window7 and Kaspersky security 2010 what best to use
    Windows 7 Firewall or kaspersky Firewall
    thanks very much

  3. Walker 30-01-11@21:35

    I bet Kaspersky.

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