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How To Find Top YouTube Video By View Count And Rating At Wish?

Do you know how to find YouTube Top 10 video of the year in term of view count or rating, at your wish at anytime, without referring to other sources except at YouTube.com?

For those regular YouTube visitors or YouTube fans, you might already know the trick of locating the most viewed video or top rated video of the time in YouTube sphere.

So, here we go. For those who don’t know, I show you how could I find the:

YouTube Top 10 video of the time, in term of view count:

Easily find the YouTube Top 10 video of day or month or year in no time.

1) Using the YouTube site-search function (powered by Google?), type * (asterisk) and press ENTER.

2) After the search for * result appears, move your mouse to “Relevance” of Sort by: option and click “View Count” from the list.

Voila, the most reliable source of telling you the Top 10 video of the time in YouTube.com!

If can’t get it, just click this link to get the search result and bookmark it to your favourite web browser :-)

YouTube Top 10 video of the time, in term of rating count:

Redo the same trick: Using * (asterisk) as keyword to search in YouTube. When the result is out, move mouse pointer to Sort by: option. Instead of selecting “view count”, now click the “rating” from the drop-down list to search for most rated video of the time.

Now, I appreciated you could share with me and others, the most valuable video clips in the Net you’ve seen, but are yet in the top list of its video hosting site.

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