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Switch Windows Task Manager To Tiny Footprint mode

I called that windowless or skin mode. Microsoft, however, officially called it Tiny Footprint mode since Windows 2000 (about 10 years ago, but I just know this mode today).

Running Windows Task Manager in Tiny Footprint mode means to remove or hide the menu bar and tabs, as well as ability to resize window to the smallest possible. While running in normal mode, you can’t resize Windows Task Manager to those “odd” window size:

Hide or remove menu bar and tabs from Windows Task Manager.

The Windows Task Manger in Tiny Footprint mode is similar to Windows Media Player in skin mode, where the windowless appearance doesn’t show extra buttons, options, or description except the main controls and relevant views.

To some users, the tiny footprint mode looks clean and elegant. The convenient of further resize display window allows one to easily arrange active windows on screen, be it horizontally on a big wide screen or squeezing in the good old CRT monitor.

As the fact of activating Tiny Footprint mode is just by double-click empty space near to the border or edge of Windows Task Manager display, most people actually accidentally (rather than by wish) switching their Windows Task Manager to this windowless display mode.

To restore the “missing” menu bar and tabs in Windows Task Manager, just double-click on the empty space again.

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    Thank you about fix this

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