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Fix: Missing Menu Bar and Tabs In Windows Task Manager

Just after posting the unusual memory usage pattern found in my Windows 7 Ultimate installation, now I lost the Windows Task Manager menu bar and tabs, as well as system resources summary that used to display at bottom-right corner.

The windowless Windows Task Manager is just like Windows Media Player switching to skin mode. My first thought after seeing this yet another strange behaviour was system resource running low might cause this.

Windows Task Manager menu bar and tabs are missing. How to fix or unhide them?

But, out of sudden, I accidentally unhide the missing menu bar and tabs! What happen?

Well, if you happen to see this in your Windows system, don’t panic. It’s not caused by virus attack, software malfunction, system resource overload, etc. Indeed, it’s just a design by purpose.

To recover the missing Windows Task Manager menu bar and tabs, or switching it from “windowless skin mode” to normal display again, just double-click anywhere of the Windows Task Manager display (for example, double-click the graph).
While Windows Task Manager is active, press CTRL+TAB to cycle or switch between the tab views (e.g. Applications, Processes, Services, Performance, Networking, Users.

If your Windows Task Manager is not in Performance or Networking tab, you need to double-click the canvas or blank area near to the border or the edge of Windows Task Manager display.

Can’t get it? Well, just press CTRL+TAB slowly, repeatedly until you get to Performance or Networking tab view, then double-click history graph to get back the so-called missing menu bar and tabs. Good luck.

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  1. Paolo 27-01-10@20:48

    It works!!!
    it happened to my computer and I can’t close it but now it works well!!!

  2. Jason 16-07-10@23:57

    That was easy – thanks!

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