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Temp Fix: Windows 7 64-bit Hangs As Copy Large Number Of Files To USB Drive

I had terrible experience over the last weekend, totally mad with this new Microsoft baby that formally known as Windows 7.

Guess what, I have to cold boot my Core 2 Duo machine many times (more than my fingers can count), until I finally get a TEMPORARILY fix to backup 200GB+ of files from internal hard disk to the 320GB Buffalo USB hard disk drive.

Windows 7 64-bit hangs when copying files and folders with non-unicode characters.

Windows 7 hangs when copying files to USB drive.

After so many times of improper system shutdown, I am worry that two aging Seagate SATA drives can last any longer than suppose :-(

  • Windows Backup never successfully backup 200GB+ files from the internal hard disk to USB hard disk drive, with all errors such as 0x81000015 (Windows Backup could not create a zip file), 0x81000037 (Windows Backup failed while trying to read from the shadow copy on one of the volumes being backed up), etc.
  • Robocopy (Robust File Copy) failed constantly while copying the few same files to USB hard disk. While Windows Backup failed gracefully, Robocopy freeze Windows without leaving any chance to terminate the program, even an instant attempt via taskkill command or Windows Task Manager.


With reference to the Robocopy /tee output (dump to console and log file), I exclude those files that might potentially causes Robocopy program to hang up Windows 7.

After isolate all the potential files (that caused many times of cold reboot), I finally have the Windows 7 Robocopy command to successfully copy (backup) large number of files to USB hard disk drive. Phew!

Which culprit caused Windows 7 hangs when copying large number of files to USB drive?
  • Those files excluded from Robocopy are MP3 using Chinese characters folder and file name, and few Chinese web pages saved completely by IE6 (very sure it was saved by IE 6 in Windows XP).
    Not all files and folder with Chinese characters cause Robocopy to freeze Windows 7. There are few thousands of other files (MP3, big movie files, e-books, etc) are successfully backup by Robocopy or even using the normal copy and paste in Windows Explorer!!!

  • Except the Chinese MP3 files, the Chinese web pages have some files in their associated folders using long file name made up of some non-alphanumeric characters.

There is no problem of using Windows Explorer to do simple copy and paste the Chinese web pages to USB hard disk. However,
  • Windows 7 freeze again without any warning and no chance to do soft reboot, as I copy the 10 of these Chinese MP3 (about 110MB) to USB drive.
  • Trying to do the file copy in Windows XP Mode, but to no success too (except that this mode didn’t hangs Windows 7).

With reference to Google search, many people encounter serious USB problem in 64-bit Windows 7 running on Nvidia nForce motherboard/chipset, while some said Kaspersky IS 2010 has problem of handling East-Asian characters (Chinese, Japanese, Korean).

For me, I rule out the nForce, as my Core 2 Duo Desktop is using Intel P965 chipset on a Asus P5B-Plus Vista Edition (a “premium” motherboard).

Although I didn’t try to uninstall Kaspersky IS 2010, I did disable and exit it from running in Windows 7 while retry file copy (via Robocopy and normal copy and paste), but was upset again with the cold boot.

At last, I deleted those unwanted Chinese web pages, renamed that few 10s of “problematic” Chinese MP3 file name with Hanyu pinyin and finally backup them successfully to USB drive. Of course, all those MP3 still can playback in Windows Media Player.


For sure some (NOT all) files / folders with Chinese characters file name freeze my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit installation, as copying them to USB hard disk.

There is no such problem while using Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit. And I have configured the Regional and Language to use Chinese (Simplified, PRC) for non-Unicode programs, be it in Windows Vista or Windows 7.

I guess, without any prove, that Windows 7 does not handle non-Unicode characters properly (due to different code pages) in some file-related functions.

If you have more relevant information of this topic, appreciate you could share with me. Hopefully this is not 64-bit issue, and don’t hope that there is no way the problem can be ironed out (because neither Kaspersky nor Microsoft willing to take the bullets).

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  1. eien 17-11-09@14:19

    I have the same issue … my windows 7 32 bit is freezing when copying some folders with chinese characters, but only with folders … it works fine when copying files with chinese characters. so what i do to copy those folders , i simply change the folder name with non chinese character and put .txt files with chinese character inside those folder [for reminders] , then copy those folder, after i’m done, i change the folder name back to the original name in chinese character.

    [ example : “新的文件夹” change to “new folder ” and put ” 新的文件夹.txt ” inside “new folder” >>>copy<<< after its done, change it back "new folder" to "新的文件夹" and delete the "新的文件夹.txt" file ]

    Hope it helps

  2. York 24-12-09@08:16

    I had the same issue.
    Some Chinese and Japanese file always freeze up the system when doing copy, open, or extract. The real problem is Kaspersky. Disable it does not solve the problem, but uninstall it making the system works like a charm. After this incident, I change my antivirus to ESET NOD32 and my life is happy again. Kaspersky SUCKS!

  3. Steve 01-02-10@06:34

    I don’t have Kaspersky at all and i have the same problem, so i believe that it is the windows 7 that is the problem

  4. Brainstorm 07-08-10@00:16

    I have the same issue; no chinese or japenese characters involved. Win 7 64 bit just hangs for anything over few 100 MBs using simple copy & paster from explorer

  5. LaPeche35 12-04-11@01:56

    Even with Hyper-V 2008 R2 SP1 Core mode. I just try to copy an empty 1GB VHD file from DD to USB drive using “COPY C:\volume1.vhd E:”.

    Fresh install (but updated) OS, no AV and no weird chars in path.

    Today the 11th april 2011, I mean 2 years after Server 2008 RTM and that damned copy function can’t do its job.

    Anyone with new answer by now?

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