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Reduce Or Disable Frequent Items Of Windows Explorer Jump List In Windows 7

In an earlier post, I show you how to pin (fix) any folder not in the Frequent section to the Pinned area of Windows Explorer Jump List.

Here is another trick on how to control the number of frequent items that can appear in Windows Explorer Jump List (on the Frequent section), if the default of maximum 10 frequent items in the list look messy.
Personally, I kinda prefer to cut it short as the Pinned section of Windows Explorer Jump List in Windows 7 is rather convenient and useful. To me, 1 or probably max. of 3 is enough; otherwise, the Windows Explorer Jump List will appears long / high, and that causes more mouse movements (tired of moving hand up and down at significant scale).

Yes, there is a way to control the Windows Explorer Jump List frequent item. However, the setting is in the Windows Registry and I don’t see any user-friendly program or Jump List utility bundled with Windows 7 Ultimate (version 6.1 build 7600) to control the Start_JumpListItems value, except the Regedit.exe or Regedt32.exe (Windows Registry Editor).
Don’t bother to try, if you’re not familiar with Windows Registry. Serious mistake can cause Windows to become not-bootable, unstable or not working correctly.

1) Open Registry Editor – click Start button, type regedit and click the program shortcut appears atop.

2) Navigate to this Registry path on the left-pane:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advanced

3) In the right-pane, locate Start_JumpListItems (a 32-bit DWORD value) and double click it to edit:
The Start_JumpListItems registry value in this topic only control the number of frequent items that can appear in Windows Explorer Jump List only (not any other programs).

Control the number of frequent item or totally disable Frequent item of Windows Explorer Jump List in Windows 7

Example of possible value for Start_JumpListItems value:
If the Hexadecimal Base is selected (default), the value you enter is interpreted in hex mode (e.g. Ahex is 10dec, Fhex is 15dec, etc. For those who are not familiar with hexadecimal, select the Decimal Base and proceed to enter value in decimal as usual.
  • To display maximum of 15 frequent items, set Start_JumpListItems to F or 15 (if Decimal Base is selected).
  • To display only 1 frequent item, set Start_JumpListItems to 1 (valid for both Hexadecimal and Decimal Base).
  • To totally disable Frequent item in Windows Explorer Jump List, set Start_JumpListItems to 0 :-)

If you like programming and endeavour to build a simple program to configure this Registry value, you’re welcome to share.

I think a simple console program accept only 1 option switch for taking user input (in decimal format, for brevity) is just nice. Of course, you can also run a .reg file to get it done, but I doubt that all users can precisely change the value in .reg file before execute it. If they do, most likely they can use Windows Registry Editor as well.

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  1. Cdric 02-12-09@01:14

    If you don’t want any Frequent Items Of Windows Explorer Jump List In Windows 7 you can simply disable the function.
    Care ! In this case you can’t choose the number of recent files but only disable them all.

    So :
    – right clic on “Start” in the taskbar
    – properties
    – tab : start menu
    – untick “store and display recently open items in the start menu and the task bar”
    –> You’re done :)

    Easy isn’t it ?

  2. Walker 03-12-09@02:49

    Thank you so much for highlighting this setting is actually included.

    There is another setting to control exactly how many items will appear as Frequent items too. In the Start menu tab, click customize button and there you will see the related settings.


  3. Anon 18-01-10@07:34


    I actually didn’t see that registry value, but I ended up creating a DWORD value with that name and then set it to the number I wanted.
    Worked perfect!

  4. Kumara 06-03-10@18:13


    thank you for your tweak..

  5. abiq 20-12-10@01:51


    when I click item in frequent list.

    it always open up system32 directory.

    not the item that I wanted to open.

    can anyone tell me how repair it.

  6. The Magician 07-01-13@10:49

    You could actually do this way more easily, you just right click on the taskbar and go to properties then start menu and then just unclick the history check box

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