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Instantly Pin Folder To Windows Explorer Jump List In Windows 7

Pin folders to Windows Explorer Jump List at your wish in Windows 7.You probably know what is Jump List, especially those who have just back from Microsoft The New Efficiency event, Windows 7 webcast or road shows recently.

In brief, Jump List is one of the new features of Windows 7, the latest Microsoft flagship Windows operating system. By using Jump List, users can instantly access to common functions or frequently used items of a program, no matter via good old Logitech mouse or the contemporary touch screen interface.

Now back to the question – How to add or pin any folders to the Windows Explorer Jump List in Windows 7, if the folder is not yet appears in the Frequent section of Jump List?
If the folder appears in the Frequent section of Jump List, just right click that folder and select “Pin to this list” option from the context menu, to effectively pin (fix) that folder to Pinned section of Jump List.

If your favourite folder is not in the Frequent section, you can also easily pin the folder to Jump List Pinned section by
  1. Right click the folder and drag it to the Taskbar icon of Windows Explorer.
  2. Don’t release the right-click as you drag the folder to Windows Explorer Taskbar icon, until you see the “Pin to Windows Explorer” option pops up.

Immediately after you release the right-click, the Windows Explorer Jump List appears and highlights the new folder fixed in the Pinned section.

Cannot get it (sorry for poor expression)? Then try to take a look at my another “silent” screencast (below; available at WalkerNewsDotNet Channel @ YouTube).

In this short video clip, it shows you how do I pin My Computer and hard disk drive (D: drive) to Windows Explorer Jump List:

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  1. Basoonie 25-07-12@02:19

    Except that option never pops up, i only see the red circle with a cross through it.

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