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Enable Windows 7 Auto Complete File Name In Save As Dialog Box

Auto-complete and auto-suggest file name feature in Windows 7 Save As dialog box.The Windows 7 auto-append and auto-suggest file name in the Save As dialog box is a nice feature to know. You will appreciate it if you’ve to save number of files in a folder with its name in a serial pattern (e.g. rpt1.log, rpt2.log, etc).

By default installation, both auto-complete file name and auto-suggest file name features are enabled in Windows 7. However, these features might be turned off by some other applications for some reasons.

Well, no matter what reasons are behind, I kinda unhappy with this as I have to manually type the full file name in Save As dialog box instead of only changing the number series.

How to enable auto-complete / auto-suggest file name feature of Windows 7?
This trick makes change to the Windows Registry. If you’re not comfortable to edit Windows Registry manually, don’t bother to try. If you believe me, download and run the .reg file (Registration Entries; Registry file) to get the job done.

1) Click Windows 7 Start button, type regedit, and click the regedit.exe shortcut appears atop of Start menu.

2) Locate this Registry key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Explorer > AutoComplete

3) On the right-pane, double click the AutoSuggest and change it from “no” to “yes”. Similarly for the Append Completion value.
  • Append Completion set to “yes” will automatically append or complete the file name as you type, if so happen the folder has a file that match your initial file name.
  • AutoSuggest set to “yes” will automatically suggest a list of files in the folder that match the initial file name as you type it in Save As Dialog box.

Registry key to enable Auto-complete and auto-suggest file name feature in Windows 7.

Download AutoComplete.reg (please verify MD5 Checksum before run it).
[ MD5 Checksum: 0d14f2e009e726546f3e5fd0aca6ca37 ]

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  1. JT 30-12-09@03:37

    Thank you so much! I couldn’t figure out why AutoComplete was always turning itself off on my machines (I had also forgotten it’s called AutoComplete :P). Thanks for giving me a way to get it back!

  2. Ray 15-02-11@12:55

    Thank you very much for writing this article. I had the hardest time trying to figure out why my Windows 7 didn’t have autocomplete/fill enabled. Looked all over the internet but no answer until I came here. This was a very, very easy fix for a very difficult task (didn’t want to ruin my OS). Did this in literally 3 min. Couldn’t have done it without your help! =]

  3. terri j 18-03-11@22:15

    I have just switched over from windows xp to windows 7. i am a medical transcriptionist and had hundreds of autocomplete (auto suggest) entries stored. I was able to transfer all of these over and they work but occasionally it will not suggest an entry for something that I know is there. I know that in xp if i hit the insert key by mistake, it would be disabled but this does not seem to be the case this time. What causes it to work sometimes and not work sometimes? this is driving me crazy

  4. Tommy 16-04-11@01:45

    Hi. Thank you for this information. I have almost the opposite problem: I do a lot of folder & file renaming and I do not want to select the entire name of the file or folder automatically, but rather place the cursor exactly where I click on the name on the first click. Should I do the opposite of what you suggest above, i.e. set the values to “no” for the registry items you mention? I have located the Registry key, but it only has the (default) value, the two entries you mention (Append Completion and AutoSuggest) are not listed.

  5. Sandra 12-11-12@09:58

    Thank you so much this was very helpful

  6. ej 16-11-12@02:31

    Thank you for this. I wanted just the reverse and could not figure out how to clear it. This worked!

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