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Exports Outlook 2007 Exchange Account Setting From PC To Laptop

I am using Dell Latitude while working in office or travelling abroad, but I really no mood to bring it home every day after work (not fun to commute with such a bulky and heavy “notebook”).

Therefore, I have to configure Outlook Everywhere feature of Outlook 2007 on home Desktop, just in case there is need to access the Exchange email account.
Although I could instantly access Exchange emails using OWA (Outlook Web Access) with Internet Explorer, but working with emails in Microsoft Outlook is a better as compare to using OWA in a web browser.

Due to lacking of VPN access to corporate office network, I don’t think it’s possible to add Exchange account to the MS Outlook at home, and hence could not move forward to configure Outlook Everywhere and Microsoft Exchange Proxy Settings.
Outlook 2007 access Exchange email over Internet by nesting Remote Procedure Calls or RPC within HTTP packet.

If you have a secret trick to do this, please share it with comment form (bottom), but I am going to show you an easier way to backup and restore the existing Outlook-Exchange account settings to another computer:
The following trick was just tested last week, to transfer Outlook-Exchange account setup from Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 to Windows 7 Ultimate. I am guessing this trick works in earlier Windows platforms as well (at least Windows XP, if not all).

1) Open Windows Easy Transfer program. In Windows Vista, just click Vista Orb (Start button), type “windows easy transfer” in Start Search text box, and click the program shortcut appears atop.
In Windows XP, Windows Easy Transfer is called “Files and Settings Transfer Wizard”. This official program is bundled with Windows installation, specifically built to migrate user data and settings from one to another Windows computer, especially during OS upgrade.

2) Follow instructions shown in the program dialog box, click Next button to continue. In this particular case, I am only interested to export or backup Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 application settings.

Using Windows Easy Transfer to export or dump Outlook-Exchange account settings and restore it later to another computer.

3) Now, a reverse process starts. Open Windows Easy Transfer in Windows 7 to import or restore Outlook 2007 application settings, with reference to the MIG file (Migration Store file) created in Windows Vista computer.

Done. What next? Well, open Outlook 2007 and it should prompts you to login Exchange account before you can read the latest emails.

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  1. Nebojša Tanasković 05-01-10@21:09

    It works, but how to do same thing with office communicator 2007?

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