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Kaspersky Detects Trojan In Facebook

I just detected a Trojan program in Facebook as I clicked the hyperlink points to an external resource (video clip). Luckily the Kaspersky IS does the job well, otherwise my Vista system could have been infected :-)

As others said their Antivirus doesn’t complain at all about this inflected URL that hosts HK Creative Art Association, I then consulted Google. The answer is, THAT IS NOT a fault alarm, because Google Chrome also displaying a vivid warning message about malware found on that particular hyperlink:

Kaspersky detects Trojan-Downloader.HTML.FraudLoad.b hyperlink in Facebook.
Google Chrome alert when malware found on the loading web page.Kaspersky detects Trojan in one of the blog hosted by blogger.com.

As a precaution, better don’t simply click on the hyperlink that points to resources (video, music, picture, etc) hosted outside of the website you’re browsing (in this case, Facebook).

If you’re really curious to peek the hyperlinked resource, better to copy the URL and open it in a new web browser window (i.e. click the web browser shortcut to open a new browser process; NOT right-click the URL and select open new window or new tab), hopefully can minimize the risk of Trojan/virus attack that target web browser session vulnerability (session fixation), especially if you’re using outdated, not-patched web browser.

Besides, investment on a genuine, always updated Internet security software is never been a waste. So far, I am satisfied with Kaspersky.

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