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Latest VideoCacheView Is Powerful Than Just Copy Flash Video From Facebook!

Video Cache View v1.25 - useful freeware to copy flash video from Facebook.I only realize the new Video Cache View v1.52 after posting the earlier writing. As the good old v1.25 stills working perfectly in my Vista SP2 machine, I doubt I need to update it to the latest v1.52. Why I say so? Keep reading.

As vet through the VideoCacheView version changelog, the number of new features added seem have outperformed its original goal of simply copy cached video from web browser cache directory.

Most important concern is my Kaspersky IS now complains that it detects a not-a-virus threat called PSWTool.Win32.NetPass.lr, as soon as Google Chrome finish downloading this latest VideoCacheView v1.52 from Nirsoft official site :-(
Video Cache View v1.25 - useful freeware to copy flash video from Facebook.

I tried to Google for this not-a-virus but to no precise information at this time being. Although this could be a false alarm (a.k.a. false positive), I am kinda hesitate to use v1.52 since v1.25 still working fine (at least to achieve what I want it to be).

In brief, the latest v1.52 includes these additional features that not exist in v1.25:

1) Able to retrieve cached audio files too (good for those who are interested to extract the cached music files for mobile phone ringtone, etc)

2) Able to retrieve SWF files from cache folder. This is useful to save Shockwave Flash game cached by web browser.

3) Provided the FLV file type is associated with valid flash player (e.g. FLV Player), VideoCacheView v1.43+ allow user to play the Flash movie (FLV) directly from cache folder.

4) Added /copyalltemp option switch to copy all cached flash movie files (FLV) to a user-defined folder.

5) Added /copymms option switch to convert MMS stream file format (.dat file) to Windows Media Video file format (.wmv file).

6) Fixed bugs found when running VideoCacheView in Windows Vista and Windows 7 in some circumstance.

While I am reluctant to use the latest version, you may try it at your risk and justification.

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  1. Lifetime Upgrades 05-02-10@22:26

    I have contacted the author of the software and I was told that the antivirus programs give a false positive.

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