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Little Note On CSS Text And CSS Font Style

Cascading Style Sheet, better known as CSS in short, is a modern yet simple style sheet language most commonly used in web programming to define the presentation style of HTML elements.

To cover the whole CSS subject is impossible in one or few short pages. So, this post only records two CSS syntax commonly used in WalkerNews.net, for the font and text HTML elements.

Now, let say I would like the modern web browsers (or supports CSS syntax) to render WalkerNews.net as WalkerNews.net, the HTML and CSS codes used are as follow:
<span style="color:#FF0000;font-weight:bold;text-decoration:line-through;font-style:italic;">WalkerNews.net</span>

  • <span></span> is HTML tag, an HTML element commonly used to apply different formatting / presentation style on the enclosed string / text (where the formatting in this case is by using CSS style syntax)
  • style="" is an attribute of the <span></span> tag, used to specify presentation style (using CSS syntax) for the element.
  • color: is a CSS color syntax to specify HTML color code
  • font-weight: is a CSS font syntax to specify the weight of a font
  • text-decoration: is a CSS text syntax to specify the text decoration effects (blink, line-through, etc)
  • font-style: is another CSS font syntax to specify font style (italic, oblique, etc).

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