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Easily Touch Up Portrait With Portrait Professional

No one looks prefect at all time, but everyone could be as great as possible in portrait photography. This is true, especially when there is a powerful graphics editor.

If a genuine Photoshop is too expensive for personal usage, always remember to look for an alternative. If freeware is not user-friendly, there must be another graphic editing program (now, sooner or later) that works, wither at no cost or cheaper than Adobe Photoshop.

I stumble upon Portrait Professional in YouTube:

Portrait Professional is not a freeware. If you would like to try it out before committing to buy a licensed copy, download the trial version (allows unlimited tries but the final work is watermarked and cannot be saved).

Sample results (before and after) taken from Portrait Professional 9 Trial version (copied by Snipping Tool):
After touch up with Portrait Professional.Original portrait before touch up applied.

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