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How To Check Adobe Flash Player Version That I have Installed?

First of all, this trick is not meant for developer or would-be programmer who is searching for sample code that detects Adobe Flash Player version installed.

UPDATE: It’s easier to check Flash player version using v10.2.152.26.

Indeed, it’s meant to answer these questions of general users or novice – What version of Flash player that I’ve installed? Have I installed the latest Adobe Flash Player, Shockwave Player, and Macromedia Authorware Web Player? Do I have installed any one of the Adobe Players?

OK, here are the answers for the questions you might have asked just few minutes ago:

Test Adobe Shockwave & Flash Player – this Adobe.com web page will tell you what or which of the Adobe players you have installed in the computer.

At this moment, it detects the presence and version of Adobe Shockwave Player and Flash Player.

The page will prompt you to install or upgrade the latest version of Adobe Shockwave Player if it’s applicable.

The last item is a link of another page to test / detect Macromedia Authorware Web Player installation.

Adobe Flash Player version – this page only tells the presence and version of Adobe Flash Player installed. Besides, there is a table of latest Flash Player version of various platforms and web browsers.

So, have the two Adobe web pages answered all your questions, or am I pointing you to a place where you already know. Doesn’t matter, I write it here for my reference (as I just know it today :-).

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  1. Bruce Hill, Jr. 24-07-09@14:44

    You can also check these and other installed plugins by opening a web browser (Firefox, for instance) and typing “about:plugins” in the address bar. It gives help and information about where to get new versions of the plugins, also … at least here in Firefox-3.5.1.

  2. flexy 13-10-09@19:23

    This site tells you what version of Flash Player you have installed, and what the latest version from Adobe is: http://flashbuilder.eu/flash-player-version.html

  3. Mildred A Sylvia 27-12-09@17:20

    I have windows ME and cannot seem and I cannot get Flash Player to work.

    Why? Does ME have anything to do with it?

    Please advise.

  4. greg sims 06-09-11@01:25

    Installed flash reader/player to my samsung google android phone app library.
    how to interface flash player w the the website in order to play their vdo’s?

  5. ho viet chung 27-12-13@02:32

    thank you !

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