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Add Shutter Speed, Aperture, EXIF, Or IPTC Data To WordPress Gallery

If you would like to run a photo-blog using the latest WordPress platform, you should be interested to know the way of extracting and displaying EXIF or IPTC information of the picture.

Most, if not all, of the digital camera write some profile data, better known as EXIF data, to each of photo taken. The EXIF data contains information of camera model, focal length, data/time, shutter speed, aperture, exposure mode, etc.

The best I can recall, WordPress 2.5 was the first version to introduce image gallery feature as well as functions to store and extract / display EXIF or IPTC information. Although the WordPress gallery shortcode is intuitive for posting a batch of photo in gallery mode, there is no easy option for one to display shutter speed, aperture, flash mode, etc, that interested by most photography enthusiasts.

Even the two bundled WordPress themes are not exampled with EXIF-related functions. But, there are always good people to share tricks with others, e.g. Sarah’s WordPress Gallery and EXIF, Andrew Kniowski’s Quick shutter-speed fix for WordPress EXIF, myself on Turn On WordPress Feature To Display Photo EXIF Data and IPTC Information (with reference to the earlier two links).

If you’re ambitious, Kristarella’s Geo exif data in WordPress could inspire you with her trick on adding GPS-tagging information to WordPress table, and of course showing them along with other EXIF information.

Sample image gallery

Click the above thumbnail to view higher resolution of photo as well as the associated EXIF data rendered by less-documented WordPress functions discussed here.

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