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Another 7 S60 Freeware For Nokia 5800 In India Only

I missed the new S60 applications released at Nokia India web site, which are fully compatible with Nokia 5800 touchscreen interface.

However, it’s not worth to announce here immediately as you might not interested to know about their existent anyway, unless you’re living in India, own a Nokia 5800 made for India, or using a SIM card of India telcos.

Why? Well, the answer should be straightforward and easier to understand. I am afraid that sooner or later, all or some of the good S60 freeware hosted at Nokia HK will apply same restrictions as those made by Indian developer, where you can only have these freeware if you’re using a Hong Kong-based Nokia phone or SIM card :-(.

As per my testing, the result of these 7 new S60 applications hosted at Nokia India web sites are as follow:

Drummer – The installer warn me before proceeding, with message that said “This application requires an Indian SIM card to run. Please make sure that the SIM card is installed when you run the application after installation”.

The message is really upset me, so as you if you like drum – this S60 application allows fans to compose tone based on “drum set” played by Nokia touchscreen interface (not the sticks).

Cricket World Cup Challenge – This is no warning during installation. When it started for 1st time, however, a black screen appears with tiny words that said “This application is limited to Indian users only”.

So, no hope for non-Indian users to play this world-cup format of cricket game in Nokia 5800.

Darts – created by the same developer of Cricket World Cup Challenge, i.e. has the same restriction. If you want to, throw your non-Indian Nokia 5800 as if you’re throwing a dart.

JalTarang – According to its description, JalTarang is one of the oldest musical instruments in the World. I can’t play it anyway, as it requires an Indian SIM Card during installation.

Maracas – This application should have made good use of the accelerometer sensors of Nokia 5800, like its description said “Shake it up with the experience of real Maracas on your Nokia 5800”. But, there must be an Indian SIM card to install it.

Brain Evolution – This intellectual game stops me from installing, by saying “This application cannot be started on device other than Nokia 5800/India”.

Jigsaw Puzzle – preloaded with 10 puzzles or you can create a new one from any image on your phone. Similarly, it requires an India-based Nokia 5800 during installation.

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  1. shekbhi 31-07-09@02:48

    hey buddy..its great to see u exploring the mobile at a great extent..the apps released by Nokia India dont even work if ur phone is manufactured in some other country.for instance in my case,i got my mobile from U.S and tried to install the apps present on Nokia India but failed doing that because its also firmware binded and cant work on any other firmware other than that on Indian Phones.

  2. shekbhi 31-07-09@02:48

    i use an Indian sim card but the problem still exists

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