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How To Check Which ISP Your Neighbour Or Public WIFI Is Using?

Do you ever curious to find out which ISP (Internet Service Provider) your neighbour or the public WIFI is using?

I do. Indeed, whenever I connect to a new network that allows me to surf Internet, I am always curious to know which ISP that network is using and which segment of WAN IP is assigned to it. Next, if possible, I do a speed test, latency check and trace route.

The broadband network latency and speed test information gathered here are valuable to conclude the broadband reliability of particular ISP in that area.

Apart from the latency and speed test information, the WAN IP assigned by ISP and trace route result are useful to understand how the the ISP route your home broadband connection to the Internet (i.e. which WAN IP segment is using fast gateway to access the Net).

With all these information on hand, it could be easier to file a complaint to ISP when the broadband service starts to work unexpectedly (e.g. too much of timeout, high latency, etc).

Now, back to the question, how could you find out the ISP of your neighbour broadband or the unsecured public WIFI you’re tapping?

There are two ways. The first technique is scientifically known as social engineering. Sounds complicated? Not exactly. Simple speaking, it’s a practice of tricking the target into giving the information you’re looking for.

If it’s too difficult for you to start chatting with a stranger who stay next to you, then forget about “social engineering” and go for the next option.

This second method could be either very technical or as easy as writing ABC. If your neighbour does not connect to his broadband via WIFI router or is using WIFI router that’s secured with all sorts of protection and strong security measures (hidden SSID, enforce NIC MAC verification, complicated WPA passphrase, etc), then it’s a great challenge to break in and not worth for the efforts spend for knowing his/her ISP.

If your neighbour is connecting to Internet with a simple home WIFI-enabled router without applying any protection, you can just connect to this so-called “unsecured” AP (access point) and reveal the Internet Service Provider he/she is using in no time:

1) Once you’ve connected to this unsecured network, open web browser and go to who.is. When the page loaded successfully, there is a link saying “Your IP is xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx”. Copy the IP address and proceed to next step.

How to find out what Internet IP address is given by your ISP DHCP server to the router modem?

2) Now, access to domaintools.com and paste the IP address of previous step into the Whois Lookup text box followed by clicking Search button.

Using domain tools to find out useful information of a WAN IP address.

In most of my test cases, the whois record information provided by domaintools.com never disappointed me. Besides the name of ISP that registers the blocks of WAN IP segment, there is also information that reveal broadband type provided for that WAN IP (e.g. ADSL, VDSL, Wireless/3G broadband, etc).

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  1. Rajj 16-06-09@09:37

    the other way is once you are connection to the unsecured wireless. Just visit http://www.speedtest.net then it will show the ISP name and you can do bandwidth speed test also .

    Best Regards,

  2. Joe 30-03-17@02:54

    The fastest way to find it out is to go to. https://www.whoismyisp.org

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