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How To Hard Reset Or Format Nokia 5800 When Touchscreen Keypad Out Of Service?

I stumbled upon the secret key to format or hard reset Nokia 5800 after the touchscreen keypad failed to work. To be precise, the software keypad appeared and closed in a second.

I do not know what exactly caused the keypad failure. By guessing, it could be the side effect of corrupted memory card.

But, the main point here is to record down the trick to hard reset or format Nokia touchscreen phone or smart phone powered by Symbian OS S60 5th Edition UI (e.g. Nokia 5800).

The hard-reset or better known as format Nokia phone is simply to perform a factory restore, i.e. a process to restore the phone to factory default settings.

For my case, hard-reset did successfully fix the keypad problem (where the software keypad appears and closes immediately).

Although this “secret key” does format Nokia 5800, it COULD NOT reset the Nokia 5800 lock code or security code back to the default 12345!

That’s why I knew it won’t reset my Nokia 5800 lock code, after found out the v21 firmware is no longer presents an alpha-numeric keypad for entering my valid lock code that made up of alphabets only :-(.

So, what is the secret key to format or hard reset Nokia 5800?

For non-touchscreen Nokia phone, like my earlier N73 that running on S60 3rd Edition UI, the so-called secret key to format or hard reset is by pressing call key, asterisk key, and the numeric key 3 while power on the device, until the Nokia logo appears.

For Nokia touchscreen phone, like Nokia 5800 and probably valid for next smart phones running on S60 5th Edition UI too, press the call key (green), cancel call key (red) and the camera shutter button while power on the device, until the Nokia logo appears.
This 3-key to format or hard reset Nokia 5800 is tested and working on firmware v20.0.012 and the latest v21.0.025.

The first symptom of successful format / hard reset is the touchscreen vibration turning on (if you’ve turned it off before hard reset).

Next, depend on your phone settings before hard reset / format, you’re prompted to enter PIN code followed by lock code (remember, the lock code remains same as what you’ve set for it).

Then, the interface request you to choose your country followed by setting the date and time for the phone.

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  1. mathew 21-06-09@22:42

    What do you do if you can’t even turn off the damned phone?

    Mine is stuck on the ‘whitescreen’ – a white background, with the word NOKIA on it. No going forward, no going backward, just sits there, chewing its battery.

    The whole phone is under TWO WEEKS OLD, so if anyone’s reading this and considering buying this phone, DON’T!

  2. Eduardo 25-06-09@22:50

    Hey mathew, I had the same problem with my nokia 5800 a few days back, its simple what you have to do, remove the battery from your phone then, when the phone is off remove the memory card, then turn on the phone and thats it, its working again, then on the standby screen introduce the memory card once again

  3. CARNAR 30-06-09@23:22

    Thanks Eduardo, your procedure worked like a charm :)

  4. Christian 12-07-09@07:58

    hey guys i have a problem, after i update my n5800 it won’t turn on anymore. please help me what to do. thanks

  5. charmos 20-07-09@21:15

    hi. i have a problem with my new NOKIA 5800. I changed the security code and my new code starts with the letter ‘z’. I didn’t know that if i will tap the touchscreen 4 times [the number 9, since this comes with the letter ‘z’] the emergency number 999 will appear. The phone recognizes that I am attempting to call the emergency number. I can’t open my phone now. Do you have any idea as to how can I reset the phone again?

    thanks to advise.


  6. Walker 20-07-09@22:21

    To enter the alphabet character, press the # key for few seconds until touch screen keypad changes mode.

    For reference:


  7. Mohammed Ali 21-07-09@13:42

    worked for me.


  8. vasilis 24-07-09@16:08

    is there a way to find my lock code if i dont remember it ???

  9. jcen 28-07-09@12:12

    Damn!!!!, I tried to update with Nokia UPdate Manager, update failed, screen went blank, then I followed instructions on screen, but did nothing, should I throw it away? I was trying to upgrade to the newest realease. If someone can help me, I’d appreciate it.

  10. tenz 06-08-09@13:25

    Thanks there it worked out well for my cell…
    Guys check out for the 30th version firmware it there avilable OTA

  11. anis 09-08-09@18:28

    hello guys im anis i just wana know that which software version comes by default in nokia 5800 20.1.0 something? pls respond thanks

  12. shahzad 13-08-09@11:11

    v good ….my problem solved …my phone stuck after i install fonts software from NOKIA OVI

  13. rolski 04-09-09@11:07

    hi guys, will hard resetting my phone turns back the firmware to the earlier version? like now my firmware is v30 and after hard reset will it go back to v20 which was the firmware when I bought my phone….
    thanks in advance….

  14. Walker 04-09-09@21:58

    Hard reset will not downgrade the firmware version.

  15. mohit negi 23-09-09@18:35

    it not work on my nokia 5800
    my firmware version was 11.0.009.red.01

  16. ALTHURAYA 28-09-09@13:36

    Hi,, i updated the nokia maps on nokia 5800 to the latest version by nokia map updater, the problem is when i turn maps on it keep sking me if i want to turn on the bluetooth on, even if i press yes and turnt it on it keeps asking me and fast time asking and while this happening i can’t press on any thing els, really got crazy, so any help guys ???

  17. ALTHURAYA 29-09-09@12:35

    hi again, i have a big problem now in my memory card on nokia 5800, i formated the phone by using the 3 secret keys as i read above up, after i finished it asked me the pin & lock codes i entered them and till here every ting is fine, the problem is it locked my memory card and asked me to enter the password, but i didnt put any password on the memory card and now its locked, what i have to do, how i can access my files in it :( any help please people ???????

  18. Walker 29-09-09@22:35

    This is second complaints of memory card locked I have heard. Frankly speaking, I am not sure how could this happen to you.

    Could you able to access the card contents by using a USB card reader?

  19. kaja 30-09-09@20:43

    dear walker , i installed some of the software appliaction in nokia 5800xm suddenly the phone stopped working touch screen vibiration , i totaly upset wow u r grt man u finded or u done at ur phone i dont know but ur work is very good walker now i reset as u what u explain here good realy good its working now ,thank u walker ,frm now iam ur fan walker thank u very much once again

  20. sayooj 10-10-09@19:07

    hi, i.am facing a problem with my 5800..the internet browser and certain software like ovi store wich require internet connections automatically close when we try to open it…can anybody help me please..i am fed with it..pleazzzzz…

  21. morf 24-10-09@05:01

    hi guys can anyone help my 5800 will not switch on after updating something from ovi can i still do a hard reset if it won’t switch on or is there another way??? i am not by my phone at the mo so can’t check the hard reset cheers Morf

  22. marco 24-10-09@07:09

    hi have forgotten my lock code m tried a hard reset back to factory code but no go , can any body help me please ?? now i am locked out HELP

  23. kojoseph 08-11-09@15:37

    hi,it’s me again.
    Finally,I found that 4 keys combination worked on my firmware v31.0.101 and thank to you guys.
    And but another problem still persists.
    That is whenever I boot my phone,it asks the code which I type in 12345 and it says wrong code but then disappears and I can use my phone like normal..
    So,what does this mean?
    Is there a way to solve this?
    thank to you guys.

  24. DarkAngel 18-11-09@08:50

    Hi, I also have a problem with my 5800 phone. It’s not receiving any text messages. It can send out just fine but for me to be able to receive my messages I have to shut my phone off and turn it on again. It’s very frustrating. Is it maybe because of a virus? Will a hard reset solve the problem? Thanks..

  25. Sagar 07-12-09@23:12

    my keygaurd locked out after starting the phone and didnt turn up with the keygaurd.
    thanks to the clear instructions here,,,hard reset worked like a charm.

    thanks to all the magicians here…

  26. Rahul 24-12-09@22:53

    tanx a lot .. my nokia had a message prob … now solved by reseting it .. love u loads :)

  27. khareef 03-01-10@18:00

    hi there how are u all
    this is code for format nokia 5800 and u can applay when nokia has big problems .
    u have notes that u will lose every things when u applay this so u have to keep every things on u computer
    if the mobile want key …u can add this ( 12345)
    and now ur mobile is new

  28. milkie 11-01-10@05:34

    hello there, i have a problem with my 5800.. i’ve installed one application ie the themes & screen saver which some of it do not compatible with the phone. after a while my dialler,contact button,call key(green) did not work.it did not even show the shorcut bar on the screen. what shuld i do? does anyone know how to fix the probs..please

  29. olu 12-01-10@01:20

    Hi There,

    I was recently upgrading software on my nokia5800 xpress music to v31.0.101 but it disconnected and the screen went blank. when i press the start button it started vibrating and the screen is blank. the only way to stop this is when i removed the battery. please help me out

  30. Walker 12-01-10@01:56

    I am afraid you have to send it to Nokia service center. The firmware most likely corrupted.

  31. Ville 22-01-10@01:33

    Thank you very much! You just made my day! Really. hahaha :) Im SO happy! Thank you thank you thank you!! :) :)

  32. Adi 27-01-10@04:57

    Thanks !

  33. Yash 28-01-10@11:27

    I am having the problem with the key guard as explained. but i tried hard reset but it is not working.. the key combination is not working on my phone. I have recently updated the firmware but not aware of he version…

    Please help…

  34. Himeshan 29-01-10@00:08

    hi , i have a problem with my 5800. my dialler,contact button,call key(green) did not work.it did not even show the shorcut bar on the screen. what shuld i do? does anyone know how to fix the probs..please

  35. itotan 29-01-10@20:23

    hi, have the same problem as himeshan. will hard reset help?

  36. Walker 30-01-10@13:46

    I am not sure will that help.

    If the touchscreen is physically faulty, then certainly you need to replace it.

    If it is just a touchscreen calibration issue, then likely you can fix it by using the touchscreen calibration function.

    Good luck.

  37. SAMEER 09-02-10@20:23

    hi , i have a problem with my 5800. my dialler,contact button,call key(green) did not work.it did not even show the shorcut bar on the screen. what shuld i do? does anyone know how to fix the probs..please

  38. Sid 12-02-10@12:41

    I tried this method for the 5800 Express Music and it works. Thanks!

  39. collins 14-02-10@03:21

    whenever i receive a call with nokia xpress 5800 the touch screen deactivates or when i am even making it deactivates. u can only use the red and green buttoms to receive calls. i need help please.

  40. Vestlending 16-02-10@08:42

    to milkie: i had the same problems with the shortcuts, contacts and dial-pad not working. just use the hard reset settings. the green, red and camera button at the same time, hold them all and press the power button last. hold them until the”Nokia” logo appears. do this while the phone is off or else it wont work. but remember to backup all contacts and the stuff you want on your memory card. it works like a charm now!

    Good luck from your Norwegian friend

  41. tayLana 23-02-10@20:26

    .hey guyz..
    .i just want to ask what would i do if the icons on my home screen won’t work? i’m using the shortcut bar theme right now, but the icons are blank and the contact and dial button doesn’t work either. can someone help me pls.!!!! ^o^

    .oh, one more thing..the web browser doesn’t work either even if i click it several times again and again..pls help me!! this is very important to me.

  42. strln 25-02-10@10:01

    @taylana: i had exactly the same problem as you. took a hard reset. worked for me. ymmv.

  43. madd 26-02-10@21:28

    may i know,what is da prblm when i just update my 5800 new version, da contact bar at da homescreen not function. how 2 settle dia problm.

  44. Paul Echevarria 27-02-10@13:40

    It worked for me…..I had the same problem..I downloaded a lot of apps at the OVI and next thing I know, The Application menu won’t open (it keeps on saying that the memory is full) then whenever I turn off my phone, it won’t open!!…the the shortcut menu disappeared…it was horrible!!!
    But thank God I opened this website…


  45. gnanam 10-03-10@23:22

    I reset my Nokia 5800 by pressing green red and camera button for my reset, after it shows select current region. i was not able to select the option. how to over come this problem.

  46. Sam 11-03-10@04:21

    Olu what happened with your phone? I have the same problem and I was wondering if nokia service center were able to fix it?

  47. Dilla 13-03-10@14:13

    Keypad of my Nokia 5800 is not working after I update my phone.. Icons in the home screen are not working for any homescreen theme… can’t open the dialer and the contact from the homescreen. Can somebody help me please… This drives me crazy.. ^o^

  48. Jogimon 16-03-10@01:20

    My Nokia 5800 not working properly. Its contact bar, dialler and short cut bar not working . What I cam do?

  49. Sam 16-03-10@06:00

    hi guys!
    i have a nokia 5800 and the touch screen is no longer woring o it, and i have reset i when you press the green, red & camera buttons but now i cant select the current region please could somebody help?

    thank you!

  50. PlasmaAzul 18-03-10@13:54

    Hello. I have a one year old Nokia 5800 with the lates firmware, but the issues are that I can’t use my call button nor can I open the keypad or the contacts from the home screen, your menthod didn’t work because of the green key failure.

    Please help, it quite bothers me to have these not working since they’re used very often.

    Thanks for your time.

  51. SEEKING HELP 12-04-10@00:19

    i forgot my phone lock for nokia 5800 i did a hard reset, yet still not able to enter the initial code (12345)

  52. sytech 13-04-10@15:38

    hi and thanks for the tips.

    This is how I’ve done my HARD RESET when my keypad and contact icon stop working with all shortcut icon when missing (on N5800).
    1. Back-up all data using Nokia PC Suite.
    (because all inputted data, installed applications and settings will be erase, only factory data, applications and settings will remain.)
    2. Remove memory card.
    3. Press on the menu (white) button for few seconds until “Open applications” shortcuts with 2 icons appear
    4. Press the call (green) button – the numeric keypad appear
    5. Type this code *#7370#, then press “Yes”
    6. Type your phone security lock code, then phone will restart
    7. Enter all the settings for region, date, time, language.
    8. Now your phone is reset to factory settings.

  53. mayaa 04-05-10@00:42

    >Paul Echevarria February 27th, 2010 1:40 PM
    how u set ur full memory to normal..plz help

  54. louis mbawuike 06-05-10@22:04

    I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me if hard reset would restore the original phone memory capacity of the nokia 5800,i presently have the version v31.0.101…i cannot upgrade my firmware anymore because all i have on my phone memory is 4.1MB,i really need help…someone please tell me if hard reset would do just that for me..

    One more thing,my music player normally crashes once in a while,i have to refresh the library severally before i get my songs back or completely restore my backed up files to the phone,some songs dont start from the begining,some do not even play at all while some do not even finish,i am really tired of this,backing up and restoring stresss..all these songs that seeem like they are corrupt play well on my laptop,the phone even jamms when some songs are playing,,


  55. Walker 07-05-10@01:39

    I suggest you backup you data files (songs, photos, etc) to computer and then delete them from phone memory.

    In addition, uninstall programs that you don’t really use – if you only use it once in a blue moon, very likely you don’t need it at all!

    If you don’t bother to keep the installed software and the data files, just give hard reset a try as you wish.

  56. Aya Arabe 15-05-10@22:05

    hi..i have the same problem as collin’s..the touchscreen of my nokia 5800 deactivates whenever i make calls..please help..i had it fixed in a local shop and they had me pay a large amount but to no avail..please help..

  57. Aya Arabe 15-05-10@23:44

    about my problem..i tried updating the software and it fixed my problem, though i don’t know how..just remember to make a back-up of all your data and contacts because i forgot and i lost tons of contacts and messages..XD

  58. Derrick 18-05-10@04:38

    I am having problems with my Phone…when I Call some One?The Number will not Register and it will Tell me That No Dialled Numbers and when UI have a Missed Call or Received Call it will also Tell me The same to…when I receive a message I will have to switch Off and switch On The Phone again Before I Can see The message….Can you Help me Find Out what is wrong with it ?

  59. ro55ita 25-05-10@00:31

    Hi guys !!!
    I have a problem with my Nokia 5800 too !!! I can NOT send out text msgs.. I recieve them, but unable to send .. I want to restart the entire phone using factory settings but I have NO idea what my lock code is ?!? I would truly appreciate your help,thank you !!! :]]

  60. Colin Ryan 28-05-10@21:39

    Nokia 5800 XPress Music Software Version 40.0.005

    Wont accept my personal lock code, Have updated 2 previous Software Versions since I first set my personal lock code. Now it won’t accept it.
    I have tried the hard reset. HELP! PLEASE!

  61. Lubee 02-06-10@04:27

    Please help!! The internet on my Nokia 5800 won’t load and neither will the Ovi Store. When I press these buttons they come up for about 2 seconds and then cut off again. My ‘You Tube’ App is working and I am still receiving and sending e-mails via hotmail and so know that I have a connection. Any suggestions??!!

  62. Dwairi 11-06-10@01:20

    hi there,
    thanks for the article, I have a problem that touch screen does not respond. so, I tried hard reset, my question is: does this hard reset delete contacts, messages, ect … from the phone memory (internal memory) OR it only reset factory settings without deleting the data?

  63. Walker 11-06-10@13:37

    If I recall correctly, this process will delete contents from phone memory. To be safe, always make a backup whenever possible.

  64. Bhanu Shankar 22-06-10@05:56

    You seem to solve all problem. I am unable to backup data on my memory card. It says ” Close other running programs and try again” and also says “Memory Full and couldn’t backup”. My MC is fresh and unused. Thanks

  65. JazzyB 07-07-10@20:01

    Is the Hard Reset working on Nokia 5800 Firmware V 50.5 ???

  66. Syler 09-07-10@14:05

    Hi there
    My keypad dialler icon & contacts icon not working – did a factory reset but still non responsive –

  67. Walker 13-07-10@11:17

    @Syler, maybe the touchscreen calibration could help.

  68. Syahrin 15-07-10@23:38

    Hi there,
    I have problem with my touchscreen icon which is not working. Already do hard reset (*#7370#) and calibrate.seem be working fine but after i connect with usb to my computer and tranfers data this problem happen again when i disconnect from my computer. Now i need to do hard reset again. Is it I need to do hard reset when i need to plug and unplug to my computer?


  69. Ankur 17-07-10@21:48

    Thanks man u suggetion help me a lot my phone is working now…..switch off phone , remove memory card, switch on again without memory card….then insert memory card

  70. Ahsan 19-07-10@02:26

    Hi, I am facing the same problem. The shortcuts are not visible and Dailer and Contact button on Home screen is not working.

    I have done the Hard Reset many times but it is not asking me for Date & Time settings….

    Can anyone please help…

  71. Ahsan 19-07-10@02:28

    my software version in 31.0.101

  72. m.irshad 19-07-10@19:50

    Guys when i insert ma memory card,it shows that,no memory card inserted….i dont whatz the problm….plz is there any method to solve this….

  73. kokonaing 22-07-10@15:01

    hi thanks for hard reset Nokia 5800 :)

  74. Aman 14-08-10@01:52

    hey walker

    my touchscreen is nt working…

    i mean wen i click on left side..right side items get selected nd right side doenst work…nd my dialler nd cntact button on home scren do nt work..

    so shall i replace my display or hard reset wil do…????

    my firmware version is V 50….plzzz help…my cell is NEW…

  75. jensyyy 16-08-10@21:20

    My phone is seriously messed up it seems.
    The thouch screen works for about 1 sec and then the phone starts vibrating as if i was pressing on the touch screen although I’m not. I’ve done the hard resetting and all that stuff but nothing seems to work ;(
    Is it just to go to the nokia center?

    Thanks in advance!

  76. teacherM 19-08-10@11:50

    i did the hard reset on my n5800 and it did restore to the factory setting as explained, however i never got the chance to back up my files, music, pictures, videos and phonebook…and they are all gone.

    while the phone works well now, i have to reconstruct everything from scratch but sadly picture memories lost forever. but thanks for the tip, at least it saved me the trouble of bringing it to a nokia service center which may take days before it gets fixed or i didnt have to buy a new phone. lesson learned though…..BACK UP EVERYTHING.

  77. abhishek 23-08-10@18:21

    hey guys,
    i got nokia 5233 but i forget my phone lock code now what should i do
    i even hard rest it but still code remains the same
    plzzz help guys

  78. ephem 01-09-10@16:18

    Hello I need help with my 5800, two problems I’ve got
    1) I need an unlock code as I forgot d one I used…now I can’t reset cos it keeps asking for security code which I don’t av…any default code I can use.
    2) My files keep getting corrupted…my songs, videos & pix keeps getting deleted by itself, I’ve lost so many precious items. I can’t refresh my songs cos it’s not showing in d gallery,same with my pix and videos. any help!

  79. SadGirl 02-09-10@14:25

    My touchscreen is not working at all. I did a hard reset and I can’t even select the country. What shall I do now? please help.

  80. saurabh 05-09-10@18:11

    i formet my nokia 5800 from u r trick….but i forget my seurity code….if i enter default code 12345..it’s says wrong code..so how can i get my seaurity code..plzz tell me esay trick

  81. byron 07-09-10@22:23

    hey there,my music library doznt refresh,i cant add songs 2 my music player,plz help

  82. Ziad HD 13-09-10@13:09

    i have nokia 5800 i tried several times the hard format by using the combination key format as in the above but it did not work with my phone at all. OS Version: V 11.0.009

  83. Kristal Cielo Buemio 30-09-10@23:06

    will i lose all the messages in my inbox. I need some information there

  84. Walker 30-09-10@23:17

    Yes, the format will delete all user data in phone memory, including those sms in message inbox.

  85. chimse 07-10-10@00:21

    hi, i have a problem with my nokia 5800. i had changed the code 12345 and forgot the new code. i tried the recovery code using imei code but still the code is not changing. will some1 help me i wanted to reset the phone using the green button+red button+camera button,it doesnt happen

  86. Nike 09-10-10@19:43

    thank you so much for this…wow we are ignorant…i nearly paid someone to fix…thank you..and now i can rebuild my phone just as i want it..

  87. siddharth 18-10-10@19:44

    hi i am facing the problem in my 5800 XM as screen is not accepting the tapping on icons , even i hv formatted the cell , problem still exsits,
    can i get the help to fix this problem ,

  88. raj 24-10-10@15:18

    i unable to open phone lock, i try 12345 still can not to open. pls advise me.

  89. yolanda 26-10-10@18:44

    HELP!! i think my phone has a virus (from my office PC). Can’t get into memory card..all contents have .lnk or .LNK, and phone says cannot read these files. lost all my songs (over 1000). downloaded some songs last night n wen i tried to refresh it all vanished…downloaded some more and wen i checked, the previous ones also showed up!!!!!
    wat’s happening? thanx in advance

  90. spyling 12-11-10@14:35

    my n5800xm usually restarts after i make any settings. is that how it is? someone help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. mariz 19-11-10@01:14

    thank you so much..it help me a lot reformatting my N 5800..thnx for sharing..

  92. Lyla 19-11-10@12:11

    Hi, i bought a Nokia 5800 mx fone last december and it worked fine. then one morning i checked my fone and it was just black screen, it would turn on but nothing else. so i asked a friend who had a similar problem and he said to buy a new screen, so i did that, but now it only shows half the screen with lines running through it and the other half of the screen is just a static color… what should i do?

  93. Walker 19-11-10@17:54

    You should sent it to Nokia Care Centre for repair instead of simply paying for the screen replacement…sorry to hear that.

  94. Graham M 23-12-10@20:56

    Hi, please could you help, I drove over my 5800, it fell out of the car and I drove off before I noticed! I fitted a new LCD and digitiser panel, but now it appears something else is wrong, when I switch it on, the lower 40% of the screen is grayed out, the upper 60% shows what should be shown, but is offset to the right, so the last centimeter of the right hand side of what is displayed appears on the left of the screen!
    I did a hard reset, but its not helped, now I can’t even set the region, I can scroll through them, so I know the digitiser is working, but unable to make a selection as I cant see what is displayed in the grayed out part, but even if I could, it does not explain why the display is offset. Also, there a scrolling bar going through the visible part of the display at a 45 degree angle!!!

  95. Walker 23-12-10@21:00

    Amazing experience!
    Am sorry for can’t help.
    Please send it to certified service center for checking.

  96. serge 27-12-10@12:01

    my camera is not working, when im pressing the camera button there no response, but when i look at application manager it’s only reading and when i open it, i cannot open it. i tried the soft reset and hard reset, but it did not work..everyone help me with my problem with my phone nokia 5800 xpressmusic.

  97. veyrone 02-01-11@21:11

    thks a lot..its work on my 5800 xpress music.i’ve format my phone because it wont turn on perfectly.it only shown NOKIA word. I just followed the step. i press GREEN, RED and CAMERA BUTTON TOGETHER then press the ON OFF button (this one my sister help me.its hard to do it alone: )..thnks again..

  98. hardcore 15-01-11@00:49

    hi ive got a china make nokia 5900 xpressmusic copy of the nokia 5800 xpressmusic i cant get the gprs n wap setting in south africa can anyone help i tried the reset code *#7370# nothing works

  99. Clark 21-01-11@17:03

    I have a Nokia Xpress Music 5800. If i connect to the net via vlive and then go to google and type in a search, the phone hangs or freezes and i have to end the packet data and try again. I have been using the net on my phone succesfully for months and now all of a sudden this is happening. My service provider says there is nothing wrong with vlive and that it must either be google or the software, but as i have stated i have used the net from my phone for months with no problems until now. Any ideas?

  100. Kim 28-01-11@06:30

    Hey there ,i have a problem with my Nokia Xpress Music 5800 ,whenever i turn on my phone it’ll always auto connect to the internet without asking me first whether i want to connect it or not ..Although i’ve try to disconnect it many times, also search for any solution in the internet then apply it to my phone ..But still auto connect to internet..

    I’m very frustrated with it ..I have wasted a lot of my money having to fill out my phone prepaid so many times and i almost fed up to find the solution of this prob..Should i js threw my phone away and buy a new one or what ?

    This is my last hope..I am very pleased if this walker@magician team or anyone here can help me with my prob.. help me plss .. Anyone ..I can’t take this anymore :-(((

  101. Walker 28-01-11@23:28

    @Kim, you need to check the settings of apps installed on phone – prevent them from automatically connecting to Internet.

    Ovi Maps, for example, might automatically connect to Internet (i.e. Settings > Internet > Connection)

    I have some news widget installed, which periodically connect to Internet too.

    If there is virus, you might able to fix it by formatting the phone and wipe off the memory (backup important data first before doing so!).

  102. Kim 01-02-11@02:21

    Ok ,i’ll try it..thanks very much dude..u’re my savior ,lol .

  103. sohail soomro 02-02-11@01:24

    hi guys….recently i tried to update my phone to the latest firmware….but suddenly during the update a error message showed up stating that “Connection is lost”…after that i disconnected the phone usb and had to remove the battery(as the white screen would not go)…..now my phone does not start…on pressing the switch on button it simply vibrates for a few seconds and does nothing else…pls help me

  104. Walker 05-02-11@17:50

    The firmware is likely corrupted during the update. Please send it to authorized Nokia center for repair.

  105. IRFAN AKHTAR 08-02-11@17:11

    Hey there ,i have a problem with my Nokia Xpress Music 5800 .in night picture quality are not good compare then n70 & n72.Plz help me

  106. Walker 09-02-11@00:22

    It is known issue and am afraid only Nokia can fix if they willing to give a hand.

    The picture quality of N73 is much better than 5800!!!

  107. Lia 12-02-11@14:24

    Hello there, I need your help !

    So, I have a nokia 5800 expressmusic and the software version is the latest by far, v 52.0.007. The problem with my phone is that, the memory card keeps on getting corrupted so I have to format it over and over again. My music library won’t show any songs I have lately (as in, ‘no songs’) though I can play them through the file manager. And the most annoying one is, I can’t change the theme ! Whenever I went to settings – personal – themes, the screen faded and then went blank to restart itself. Is it because I installed too many themes ? I have like, 20 or so. It also does that everytime I watch videos on youtube for too long.

    How can I fix these problems ?

    Oh, and does the hard reset will erase phone memory too ?

    Thank you.

  108. Walker 12-02-11@14:51

    I am not sure why your memory card corrupted so frequently and easily. It could be a bugs in one of the installed apps?

    Yes, hard reset does erase phone memory.

  109. PadlePop 10-03-11@14:58

    My problem is that my Nokia 5800 won’t turn on. it will only vibrate when I press the ON button and I’ve tried to restore the factory setting but it’s still the same. It will only vibrate. *sigh*

  110. Ricky 11-03-11@12:44

    Is there any site which offers flash lite 4 for nokia 5800?

  111. Ankit 11-03-11@20:40

    it worked out pretty well 4 me tooo…thanx a lot dude………….phone was completely formatted wid all data gone …..

  112. Walker 12-03-11@12:34

    It should be updated during firmware upgrade.

  113. Kiran kumar 03-04-11@23:52

    Hai bro, i am having many complaints with my nokia 5800. My files in the memory card become unable to open. Is this because of too many softwares?. mostly, The download folder of uc browser become automatically deleted after downloading above 50 files more or less. And the problem starts…

  114. mike perry 04-04-11@19:28

    Hi all
    i have a problem with my nokia 5800 xpress it turns on and i can see the back light is on but my screen is totally black as if it is still turned off you can still receive calls and take pictures and all that but can see nothing.

  115. vincent sauteur 29-05-11@16:49

    thx for the help.. it helps me a lot… thank you very much..:)

  116. azanov 03-06-11@09:41

    i was very worried when my nokia 5800 suddenly hang and could not be log in. though i restarted so many times (by pulling of the batry). dont know due to virus or due to lack of memory or corrupted memory. but the red+green+camera buttun sure solved my problem. (saved a couple of dollars if to format at a hp shop). Thanx a million…

  117. Lee 05-06-11@14:37

    HI. I’m am trying to follow the process of reformatting my 5800d but still nothing happened. All I see is my keypad and a grayed out asterisk key. May you please provide me some other possible solutions? I’m deeply frustrated with this problem.
    Thanks in advance.

  118. april 16-06-11@21:46

    hi i’m april… i have a problem in my phone 5800… i just want to know if why i can’t turn on my phone but it’s vibrating when i’m trying to turn it on…i hope you can help me… please.. thank you

  119. sachi 07-07-11@14:44

    Hi all
    i have a problem with my nokia 5800 xpress. The turn on key is somehow broken – and i have no clue how to power on my mobile. Can someone please help? I need a back back of my phone contacts!!

  120. jason 24-07-11@14:04

    i left my 5800 updating last night and when i woke up the phone was off i switched it on but got a screen problem the bottom half is like fuzzy and the top half looks like the right hand part of the screen is now on the left and vice vurser but only small part of screen was working and i have zig zag lines moving on the right part of the screen could you plz help me hard reset does`nt work

  121. fm 16-08-11@00:04

    hi, my 5800 dont update anymore,suspecting something wrong when i last time i tried… Everytime i try to connect to internet my phone prompts saying invalid server so tried to hard reset again using above and asked for configuration setting to open up. But reply to me tells me that my imei was invalid, anyone pls tell me what to do.?pls help me

  122. walter 11-09-11@05:30

    hey walker does the hard reset work for the firmware version v52.0.007?

  123. Walker 12-09-11@00:01

    I haven’t tested that myself but I think no harm if you want to try it.

  124. E.K. Prem 19-09-11@01:10

    Nokia Xpressmusic 5800, forgot lock codes, did hard reset, it worked, then I upgraded to V.52.0.007. It got locked and cant open. After power on it is asking for lock code. Please help

  125. piyush 05-10-11@23:40

    my touch screen is not showing pictures properly, lines are coming , after locking and unlocking several times all gets right but again wrong when i lock my phone

  126. Fredrik 13-10-11@15:39

    my 5800 won’t play music from the memory card. if i try to refresh the library it stops automatically w/out refreshed songs. now my music player won’t open anymore…please help.. tnx

  127. mamamia 01-11-11@00:37

    hy there my 5800 won’t open after i do the hard reset (*#7370# n 12345) it appear all black and can not do anything even i try u suggestion (green,red n camera)it wont open or any logo not appear,plz help me i love my 5800xm very the much,,,, tnx

  128. lisan 03-11-11@23:12

    hi.i m lisan..i tried that three security code(green,red and camera shutter)but no Nokia appears….now pls give me a suggestion,,how to hard reset 5800xpm in another way?…pls need help….

  129. tarie23 11-01-12@21:48

    hi guys i am havin problems with my express music.i changed the lock code from the original and then decided i didnt want a lock code soi removed it.now i cant enter a new lock code as it keeps saying error code. please help me

  130. mel 02-02-12@18:30

    i need help, my 5800 is not showing the images i have on my memory card in the gallery. this happened as a result of me updating my firmware to the v60.

  131. moony 27-02-12@07:13

    the format didn’t work with my nokia 59800 :s i don’t know why:( , also i’ve tried to download latest version of nokia store and what’s application it said that the expired certificate , plllz help

  132. imran 07-03-12@03:34

    hi.i m Imran..i tried that three security code(green,red and camera shutter)but no Nokia appears….now pls give me a suggestion,,how to hard reset 5800xpm custom version 11.0.009 in another way?…pls need help….

  133. Prakash 19-03-12@17:29

    I downloaded the latest music player version in my N5800 Xpress music but i am not able to find where it got downloaded.As a result, am not able to play any music file as i am getting the error msg “File type not supported”.Will hard reset cure this problem?)(ie)will my music player be again in old version after hard reset?

  134. amarendra 03-05-12@01:43

    I downloaded the latest music player version in my N5800 Xpress music but i am not able to find where it got downloaded.As a result, am not able to play any music file as i am getting the error msg “File type not supported”.Will hard reset cure this problem?)(ie)will my music player be again in old version after hard reset?

  135. Walker 04-05-12@01:38

    Hard reset wipes off user data and settings, effectively resetting the phone to factory default state.

  136. ammabelle 22-05-12@13:44

    the first suggestion worked on me!great…

  137. varun 01-08-12@17:33

    the hard reset worked for the firmware version v60.0.003

  138. chuzan 26-08-12@15:54

    After i reset my moblile i cant download some application and error msg “compulsory attribute missing ” apper on the screen………..plz help me

  139. Amit 04-10-12@02:59

    My mobile has the firmware version v60.0.003.

    my touch screen is not working properly some time it work and some time won’t.

    I did the hard reset even though my touch screen is not working properly.

    Please suggest what i need to do?

    Thanks in advance..

  140. Denzel 09-02-13@17:54

    What do you do if you can’t even turn off the phone?

    My nokia 603 gets stuck on the ‘ lit blackscreen’ – after switching on the nokia sign appears then something loads and then the black screen appears. No going forward, no going backward, just sits there…

  141. hansel 15-12-13@22:25

    I am facing a problem. I can’t turn on my phone. If I put my charger in and i’ll press the power up button it will just vibrate. And if I’ll unplug it to my charger and turn it on again it will not vibrate. I tried those secret keys but it was useless. What Willi do???!!! Please do help me.

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