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How To Enter Alphabet Lock Code In Nokia 5800?

Guess I am not alone. There must be many Nokia 5800 owners who have changed the lock code or Nokia security code to alphabets only after upgrading firmware to version 20.0.012.

All that because of the v20 firmware presents an alpha-numeric keypad to enter lock code. As the alpha-numeric keypad default input mode is alphabet, it is easier to enter valid lock code that made up of alphabets only.

However, the touchscreen-based or software-based keypad changed again from alpha-numeric to numeric in the latest firmware version 21.0.025.

So, if you have just upgraded the Nokia 5800 firmware from v20 to v21 and looks stuck at the lock code entry screen, wondering how to enter the alphabet lock code or security now, don’t panic. Also, don’t simply activate the secret 3-key to format or hard reset the touchscreen phone.

In fact, all you need to do is press the sharp key (#) for few seconds, the numeric keypad is turned into alphanumeric keypad again.

After access to the phone, you should change the alphabet-based lock code back to numeric, to make it easier to enter your valid lock code. Otherwise, you have to switch numeric keypad to alphanumeric keypad each time entering the lock code.

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  1. mini 24-06-10@12:55

    I changed my lock code as (myphone).when i try to type the letter “y” only the number 9 will come.I don’t know what to do?please help me.

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