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How To Fix Windows Update Error 80072EFD In Vista SP1?

At most of the time in office, my Dell Latitude connects to Internet via proxy server and the Vista Windows Update downloads the patches directly from Microsoft servers as usual.

However, the Windows Update was not working while I was abroad and had direct access to Internet via unsecured public WIFI.

At first, there was no error or warning displayed in the program window. After a few tries, it finally displayed a red stripe, telling me “Windows could not search for new updates”, together with an error code 80072EFD.

Fix the Windows Updates error 80072EFD.

What the heck is this? I had disabled the proxy setting in IE8 and no problem to surf Internet (even the p o r n sites :-). Windows Live Messenger worked perfectly too.

Therefore, it was expected to work in no time, as I thought the Windows Update should be referring to proxy server setting of Internet Explorer.

Apparently, it’s not that case. Upon checking with Google, I learn that the Windows Update proxy server setting is independent of IE Internet Options.

Then, how to fix the error code 80072EFD, to get the Vista SP1 Windows Update works correctly, when I am connecting to Internet directly?

The answer is of course to disable proxy server of Windows Update:

1) Open an elevated Command Prompt window – click the Vista Orb (Start button), type command prompt, right click the Command Prompt shortcut in the Program list and select Run As Administrator.

2) To display the current proxy setting of Windows Update, execute this command:
netsh winhttp show proxy

3) If the proxy server is shown in the “show proxy” result, then execute this command to disable the Windows Update proxy setting:
netsh winhttp reset proxy

How to disable or configure Windows Update proxy settings?The “reset proxy” will effectively configure WinHTTP proxy server setting to DIRECT (meaning to direct access Internet and no relying on a proxy server).

After disable the WinHTTP proxy setting (in which my Vista SP1 Windows Update is referring to), it started to download the latest Windows Defender definition update and security update for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (KB957789). Happy now :-)

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  1. phatz 27-05-09@07:05

    worked…im updating my windows now !


  2. Barahonstilo 29-05-09@10:17


  3. Duzs70 01-06-09@04:47

    I looked into a lot of forum with no success and finally tried your tip…And it worked !!!

    Merci (Thanks)

  4. Bentos 05-06-09@03:02

    Thanx so much! I’ve tried several things, but this was it!

  5. Michael Ahrens 07-06-09@02:11

    Fantastic–your solution worked for me too! After 3 months of searching unsuccessfully for a fix for error 80072EFD (even contacted Microsoft Tech support), I’m currently downloading over 20 windows updates without a problem. Very happy!
    Microsoft should revise their suggestion on this problem–since their tip of placing the windows update URLs in the “exceptions list” of IE or antipyware programs obviously doesn’t work and is misleading–given that windows update operates independently of IE and uses the winhttp proxy command.

    Thanks for your help. You’ve saved the day!

  6. Amanda 08-06-09@01:44

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I’ve been pulling my hair out to find a solution for 2 months now. This was what finally worked.

  7. mike 08-06-09@05:24

    This was f_cking awesome. I spent three days looking at other ways to fix it. And yours was the only one that worked. Thanks

  8. ACEdotcom 08-06-09@12:12

    OMFG THIS WORKED…a real working solution…even microsoft hasnt posted this great tip yet

  9. Josh 09-06-09@17:08

    YOU ROCK.. Was getting rather s$%tty trying to work this one out.. Your advice is greatly appreciated..

  10. sumer 10-06-09@02:44

    what if it says ‘ direct access . tried this but in my case windows fininding updates but unable to install them . some updated were not installed .
    pls help ……

  11. taz 12-06-09@12:10


  12. Sonic 12-06-09@13:43

    I completely agree – you are a effing genius!! And I can’t believe that the Windows support sites have completely overlooked this possibility.

    Thank you!!

  13. Michael Tracy 13-06-09@23:53

    THANK YOU SO FxxKING MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now to download a fxxking hailstorm of updates….

  14. Denise Godbout 16-06-09@00:39

    OMG!!! It works!!!!!!!!! Thank you sooooooo much. I been trying for months to fix this. Someone should send this solution to the tech at windows support who have NO clue whatsover on how to fix this. thanks again.

  15. Jonathan 17-06-09@03:13

    I love you. I had a Trojan that redirected all my browsers through a proxy, but after I fixed the Trojan and changed all my browser options Windows update didn’t work! This did the trick!

  16. Louise Carter 24-06-09@06:11

    UK – thanks so much for this info! Have been struggling for 1 month and MS have been no help. just literally done as you wrote and HEY PRESTO all sorted in 5 seconds!!

  17. Fred 25-06-09@03:00


    I’ve been trying all kind of solutions in 3 whole days until i finally tried you tip and it worked :-)))

    OMG, You are the best !

    Even microsoft’s help line didn’t help :-)

  18. alaskalodi 25-06-09@07:08

    Italy. thanks so much for this info! Have been struggling for 3 month and MS have been no help. just literally done as you wrote and all is ok in 2 minutes!!
    THANK YOU very much.

  19. DJ 28-06-09@15:54

    Dude!!!… someone make this man a cigar!!!! it flippin worked!!

    Bless You bro!!

    R.I.P. M.J.

  20. aura 01-07-09@09:45

    Thank you so much!!!

    I looked everywhere on the interwebz, and your solution was the only one that worked!

    Thanks again!

  21. jpw 07-07-09@04:59

    woo hoo. i was looking in to this problem now for like 3 hours. i’m like i know it’s a connection problem but where is it. that did the trick thank you for your time and input on this you rock

  22. vrej 08-07-09@13:35

    I was infected by a trojan and after removing it and and getting rid of the proxy, I had this update problem. Your solution worked. I love netsh.

  23. Brennan 09-07-09@01:26

    Awesome! Thanks so much for posting this – it FINALLY solved my problem. My client couldn’t sign into Windows Live Messenger or download Windows Updates after Trend Micro Security expired. We removed Trend Micro but still no go. Tried so many different things until I stumbled upon this webpage. Disabled the proxy and now everything works! Thanks thanks thanks

  24. coco 15-07-09@10:02

    Thank You it flippin worked THANK YOU very much.

  25. HN 20-07-09@13:34

    this is odd its not working for me it says
    “current winHTTP proxy setting:
    Direct access (no proxy server).

  26. hippy 22-07-09@08:41

    woo hoo!! months and months of frustration fixed in 1 minute! awsome job you deserve a medal

  27. john 28-07-09@04:37

    thx so much now i can install the lastest update

  28. Orion 17-08-09@18:02

    I encountered this problem after doing a Windows Vista (no SP) recovery and then successfully downloading and installing 62 updates. A quick Internet search brought me to your website.

    After I entered the command to show proxy, the resulting message showed the status as direct access. Even so, I then entered the command to reset proxy to direct access. As a result, I was able to download additional updates.

    Thank you for posting your most helpful solution.

  29. Dave 18-08-09@17:21

    I have the same problem “HN” has, anybody know how to fix this?

  30. Dwayne 20-08-09@10:03

    dude..im stuck this shit aint working for me.. i have tried everthing man..i have vista and it the command prompt deal says access denied..i been on this all damn day…please any other advice??

  31. Dwayne 20-08-09@10:06

    ok i had forgot to run as administrator and attempted it again the command prompt says disabled but now im getting the error 80240016 when ever i try to update using windows update…wats next?

  32. Claudia 22-08-09@05:39

    Thank you sooo much!!! Like a lot of people here i searched all over the internet en tried EVERYTHING!!

    That did the trick! Your great!!!
    I also had a trojan before this

  33. JACK JOCKEY 03-09-09@12:49


  34. laik 06-09-09@12:19

    thank u very much…………..

  35. Marius 15-09-09@00:26

    Thanks a lot. This simple command solved my 2 months problem!!!
    F*ck Vista, maybe will migrate to Win7 after one more problem like this.

  36. Jim 18-09-09@06:04

    I have been having problems for months with this. I find it amazing that the solution was that simple. Now I have to redo my whole computer, because the guy at the computer store thought it was one of my applications causing the issue. So he deleted everything! You are an amazing person. Thanks again.

  37. Wayne 19-09-09@09:05

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I almost gave up searching for the solution! This is the only thing that works. You should work for microsoft.

    Thanks again.

  38. G 26-09-09@11:51

    Thanks a Mil! Been working on this for weeks!!

  39. Johan 27-09-09@16:49

    Thank you very much. I spent many hours looking for a solution and now I find it !!!

  40. Tom 29-09-09@23:58

    GENIUS…..spent frickin hours trying to get updates to work with all kinds of BS.. THANKS!

  41. Michael 04-10-09@03:28

    UK – 6 months trying to solve this issue…!!! THIS WORKED.

    THANK YOU!!!

  42. Pedro Simões 05-10-09@21:30

    Thank you so much!!! It really worked…

    I was trying to fix this problem months ago – now that I did it, I had more than 40 updates to do! XD

    Thanks again!

  43. Aimee 11-10-09@11:07

    I am still having a problem

    this is what i get:

    current winHTTP proxy setting:
    Direct access (no proxy server).

  44. WestLAER 21-10-09@05:06

    Worked great for me,
    You’re a lifesaver!

  45. Angelica 22-10-09@00:26

    It is great that you’re forum worked for sooo many people!!

    I have to say, I am one of many, where it says that I already have direct access..
    should I reset anyway? Ive had this issue for 4 months now and the pc deleted ALL my work!

    Thanks in advance

  46. Pepster 22-10-09@07:45

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My savior!

  47. Zach 22-10-09@15:28

    I’m getting the same problem with the command prompt

    Direct Access

    if anyone can please help me, I’ve been dealing with this for a long time, and want to throw my computer out the window.

  48. Ikke 26-10-09@02:30

    First time I reinstalled a portable with this problem. Now cleaning up a PC full of stuff for a friend. You made my day (week, month :)

  49. Patrick 28-10-09@10:42

    Worked like a champ! I’d tried a couple of other solutions with no luck, then found this one. Success!!! Thanks for your posting this info!

  50. Shajin 29-10-09@09:03

    Thanks.. Worked great after trying a lot of other ones with no effect… Brilliant!!!

  51. herget 03-11-09@20:04

    can anyone translate this in german please?

  52. JOEP 08-11-09@12:10

    You are possibly beyond legendary status!!!! This crappy little problem has been with me for one month … and if I must say so, “I am not that bad!” … I have never had to call MS or anyone else to fix my problems. This one was out there … although when I checked the status of my system, it reported “Direct access – no proxy server” the first time out. I did a “reset proxy”: command anyway and guess what? I now have 23 updates that I can now download. Possibly a pass along point, run the reset even if your system reports no proxy server. Anywho THANKS aload computer man, your kung foo is good!

  53. Walker 08-11-09@14:45

    O…I don’t realize that potential glitch, and probably most people don’t realize that as well.

    Thank you, Joep.

    For everyone, if you desperately want to fix it, just execute this command, doesn’t matter what winhttp telling you (whether it is connect to Internet directly or via proxy server):

    netsh winhttp reset proxy

    (and probably better reboot Windows as well)

  54. Lukesta 15-11-09@11:14

    Thanks alot man saved me alot of pain..!


  55. juar 16-11-09@04:16

    You are a bloody genius. its been months since ive been able to download any updates. now im in the process of installin 37!

  56. Esteban 19-11-09@11:13

    Thanks a lot, i thought i could never find a solution. You are awesome! installing 32 updates!!!

  57. swfguy99 21-11-09@00:41

    No good. Did not fix my eroor message. Windows Update cannot check for updates!

  58. mason.x 23-11-09@03:29

    Amazing , I had this problem in vista I upgraded to 7 and problem still exists, I run those 2 commands ….results says “Direct Access no Proxy” …. I then run windows update and its working. I was e-mailing Microsoft back and forth for 3 weeks and they couldn’t figure it out. Thank you very much.

  59. Anil 25-11-09@01:25

    mine is still problem after doing this reset thing
    please can u tell how to fix this

  60. Jugernot178 25-11-09@08:25

    Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much this crap has been bothering me forever, you are a freakin saint. You should go to work for Microsoft and fire everyone in help dept. Keep up the good work.

  61. mHagans 26-11-09@15:13

    Genius! isn’t it amazing that so many people have this problemo?

  62. Pie Fondler 30-11-09@05:19

    Thank You Very much :)

  63. Mario 05-12-09@21:59

    This is amazing.. I’ve been looking all over the web.. But happy not for months yet.. Your really THE BEST!!

  64. Chris 17-12-09@06:31

    Thank you very much. This solved a very frustrating problem.

  65. DMac4330 27-12-09@18:25

    I had this problem for over 6 Months!!! AND NOW ITS FIXED! THANK YOU!!!

  66. DMac4330 27-12-09@18:28

    PS, I had to restart computer for it to work!

  67. Mia 10-01-10@08:10

    Had the same problem but when I type “netsh winhttp show proxy” the result came out “Direct access (No proxy server)”.
    Oop, still can not update. What’s the point here? I have vista ultimate 32bit.


  68. Dan 10-01-10@11:31

    OMG, trying to figure this out for over a month, keep getting “This copy of Windows is not genuine” (Windows 7) code 80072efd error. I have googled many times and this is the only thread that worked. Thanks man

  69. terrycyber 16-01-10@06:06

    For those on whose computers this solution didn’t work, u can try this:

    Step 1:
    IE (internet Explorer) > tools > Internet Options

    Step 2:
    Then click “Connections” Tab then click on “LAN settings” Button

    Step 3:
    remove check box for
    ” Use automatic configuration script ”
    where you may also have some kind of localhost address with proxy thing in
    text box.

    Step 4:
    Select check box for
    ” Automatically detect setting ”

    Step 5:
    Click ok

  70. Eric 22-01-10@06:27

    thank you so much i have been trying to fix this for

  71. Tim Downunder 27-01-10@11:56

    thanks mate, I’ve spent hours searching the internet trying all sorts of fixes that have not worked. I really wish the MS website was user friendly and actually helpful like this.


  72. KenM 09-02-10@17:38

    Thanks! You saved me from a major headache. I’ve tried several “Fixes” that are listed on the net and none of them worked but yours. Even the M$ site doesn’t even cover this.

  73. Normski 10-02-10@00:04

    i have tried both methods using the command promt and terrycyber’s method to fix this problem and niether of them have worked for me. does anyone have any other ideas that would be helpful for me to try?

  74. Vince 19-02-10@01:37

    This worked for me ONLY after I went through Internet Explorer and did as TerryCyber suggested. I just left “automatically detect settings” checked, leaving the other boxes unchecked. :)

  75. rich camlin 19-02-10@05:00

    I am truly happy for those this fix worked for. I am, alas, one of the few for whom it did not. I initially got the “no proxy server” message, and followed the advice to run the reset anyway. Everything remains as it was previously. Would any of the netsh switches help (they are way over my head)


  76. BillyB 24-02-10@04:26

    If anyone from MS management is reading this, here’s just another reason why hiring a single bright individual is better than replacing them with a bunch of outsourced morons.

  77. Anonymous 05-03-10@00:27

    I have tried this but my Proxy setting was already set Direct & still getting this error. Now again in a fix what to do. Can anyone have a solution for this problem?

  78. tee cee 09-03-10@01:26

    u r d best of them all…..u r a genius…may d lord almighty bless you again again and again again

  79. doombastik 16-03-10@02:23

    top class, been bugging me for 12 months now, if i ever see you somewhere ill buy you a drink

  80. Vincent 06-04-10@10:07

    omg thx man. this was bugging me sooo much. now i can get some work done

  81. Mat 20-04-10@23:24

    Works like a charm _ Thanks

  82. Jetl 08-05-10@16:07

    Finally an up-to-date system. Come to Germany and let’s drink a Whiskey together!

  83. Walker 09-05-10@14:16


  84. Elspeth 17-05-10@17:38

    After spending hours and hours trying to solve this problem and trying countless of different methods as suggested by the microsoft help service, I stumbled upon this site. It worked!!!!!!! I cannot explain how frustrating this whole experience was and what a relief it is to have found a solution! Thank you thank you thank you!

  85. HFM 22-05-10@21:12

    I have tried both the Tools-Options ….. suggestion and also the : netsh winhttp reset proxy …. method and I still can’t get Vista Buss SP2 to update. I would appreciate any and all suggestions. I am at wits end and very frustrated. Of course, I tried re-booting, etc.

  86. HFM 22-05-10@21:17

    Also – no firewall. And I don’t use Norton.

  87. Ciara 07-06-10@22:50


  88. anasuri 13-06-10@16:43

    I tried both procedures, still same issue – Windows Update error 80072efd

    please help

  89. scott 17-06-10@07:51

    AHHH this has not helped me the exact same problem persists please help

  90. Robina 24-06-10@00:37

    I have been strugging with this problem for over a year now until I came across your fabulous site. Tried it, and still can’t believe IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!! Cant’t thank you enough! You’re an absolute GENIUS. Your instructions were crystal clear and consice to follow.

    Such a simple solution, but what a major headache it’s been.

    Why couldn’t Microsoft come up with this answer. Tried EVERYTHING they suggested, and nothing worked. Yet it seems to be such a common problem with sooooooooooooooooooo many people (and from reading some of the above reviews, lots of smiling faces now – all thanks to you :)

    Mwah, mwah, mwah

  91. Robina 24-06-10@02:32

    Oh, and guess what … my last successful update was on 15 March 2009 – I had 92 IMPORTANT updates waiting to be downloaded and 5 optional. No wonder my computer was forever running into problems! Don’t know how I’ve managed till now …???

    I am just thrilled to bits with the efficiency of my computer now – all thanks to you.

    I am a 46 year young woman, and if I can do it, anyone can!!!!!

    Thanks A Million

  92. Danny 29-06-10@05:28

    WOW Thanks sooooo much, ive been busting my ass trying to fix this error and it just took me 1min with your tip. =]

  93. Adeel 01-07-10@14:07

    hi ..
    tell me if there is no proxy what can i do ?
    i follows these step but they shown that
    Direct access (no proxy server)
    now what can i do plz tell me? i am waiting
    for your reply .

  94. Walker 01-07-10@14:55

    Please check out Microsoft KB-836941 to see if any of those solutions could help your case.

    Good luck.

  95. Blair 20-07-10@11:34

    Awesome! thank’s heaps that has been a annoying problem for months! :) cheers,

  96. Smegma_X 26-07-10@09:40

    the advice by terrycyber above worked for me

  97. Jim 29-07-10@08:22

    You rock! The whole fix showing my bad setting (blank lines removed):

    C:\Windows\system32>netsh winhttp show proxy
    Current WinHTTP proxy settings:
    Proxy Server(s) : http=localhost:7070
    Bypass List : (none)
    C:\Windows\system32>netsh winhttp reset proxy
    Current WinHTTP proxy settings:
    Direct access (no proxy server).
    C:\Windows\system32>netsh winhttp show proxy
    Current WinHTTP proxy settings:
    Direct access (no proxy server).

  98. Danny 04-08-10@12:30

    It says i have direct access. no proxy. and i still cant download the updates?

  99. Tim 20-08-10@10:45


  100. Tim 20-08-10@13:20

    Problem finally fixed. Last Windows update was Jun 02, 2008. Yes 2008. Tried every fix mentioned on Google search over the past 26 months and found this site today. Within 5 minutes had the update working and successfully downloaded 83 updates. All have installed and computer still works. Thanks for fixing my problem/

  101. mohammad 22-08-10@16:51

    it works,THANK U VERY VERY MUCH…

  102. Band Geek 23-08-10@11:15

    OMG!!!! agreeing with what everyone was saying, I tried eeeeverything else on the internet and didn’t find a conclusion, then i found your suggestion, and i was like “oh another suggestion that prolly won’t work” but i still tried it, and i can download updates now, aaand update my Microsoft Essentials Antivirus Program successfully! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

  103. john hutch 22-09-10@21:44

    ive tried everything you’ve said but on my computer it says that i dont have a proxy server.ah still haven’t been able to update my computer for over a month.can you help?

  104. crazyelephant 06-10-10@18:03

    ***edited by Walker***
    A neat command suggested by commenter:
    netsh winhttp import proxy ie

  105. Asturia 06-10-10@19:07

    Thanks for this tip.
    It helped me with enabling updates on a user’s laptop.

  106. OpenWare 12-10-10@20:15

    This post from terrycyber, posted above, on January 16th, 2010 6:06 am FIXED IT FOR ME.


  107. GuinevereDR 12-11-10@02:42

    Well this doesn’t work for me ..
    Crap ‘Direct access (no proxy) Please fix this.
    My laptop is freaking 2 weeks old

  108. PBalis 16-12-10@11:23

    It works for the same problem with SP2.

    Defender and Windows Update both use the same proxy setting. I went round and round all day on this one.

  109. Bdavi 17-12-10@09:39

    IT WORKED!!!!!

  110. cchase 24-02-11@03:26

    Great!!!!!!!!!!!! I was up to date till 1/22/11 then everything went south. I have SP2 ant this still fixed my problem. TKSTKSTKS

  111. steve 20-03-11@04:45

    At last a tip that works, even with SP2 installed first.

  112. Keith 24-03-11@05:17

    I’ve been working on this issue for 3 months and none of the above helped…until I found this!!

    Never had Trend Micro AV, but the offending Reg Key:


    was there with a value of 1. Once deleted, everything works like a charm!! Woo-Hoo!!

  113. JOSUE MAIZ 27-03-11@01:21

    Thanks bro….months of pain…found your blog and within 5 minutes its everything ok right now

  114. Amanda 27-03-11@03:50

    I FREAKING LOVE YOU! I have had so much trouble with this for over a year and I cant believe it was SOO SIMPLE but thanks to your awesomeness it was fixed! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  115. DebT 13-04-11@05:42

    I’ve tried both of your solutions (and many others suggested elsewhere) and keep getting this same error message every time I try and log into Windows LIve Messenger. Keeps telling me to check I’m connected to the internet (which obviously I am …..!) and to check my firewall.. which I have and all addresses for Live Messenger and a couple of other programmes that won’t connect are on there as they should be. I’m stumped. Got any thoughts??

  116. X.E.R.O. 24-05-11@06:51

    Exactly, I’ve noticed an odd correlation.

    This has happened before and somehow it kinda got fixed on its own. For the record, unfortunately none of the tips mentioned here haven’t worked for me, for starters, theres no proxy servers but a direct access.

    K heres the 3 things I’ve noticed going down simultaneously.

    1) Unable to update : BTW I use Windows Vista SP1. Error Code : 80072EFD. When my internets working perfectly fine and since the updates worked earlier with my firewall on, no reason y it should suddenly start creating problems.

    2) Can’t login to Yahoo Messenger.

    3) Unable to load pages in Internet Explorer (Version 8). To add to it, Internet Explorer occupies almost 50% of my CPU. Other browsers including Chrome, Mozilla and Opera however working perfectly fine.
    Heres the stack from Process Explorer


    Even my Sidebar takes up bout 50% of CPU memory

    And well the stack of all these apps taking up too much memory shows similar elements towards the end :

    Making any sense to you ?

  117. John 24-05-11@17:18

    Just to add to the praise for you solution. Having been pulling my hair out trying to fix my niece’s laptop even doing an upgrade installing but with no luck. This fixed the problem in seconds. Now have 92 updates to install. Will definitely add your site to my favourites.


  118. ntall 03-06-11@00:48

    Thank You so much for this information I have been looking online all morning doing all the tips suggested by microsoft and stumbled onto your site you fixed my problem in less than 2 min. You are a lifesaver

  119. lisa 26-07-11@05:12

    this is UNBELIEVABLE. I have not had an update since 2008!!!!! And have had so many internet problems!! I had 78 updates to install. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  120. dwight 14-08-11@04:47

    I worked on this for 2 days and finaly found this sight.great work thanks

  121. lee 29-11-11@00:15

    None of this worked for me, but gave me the idea to try from terrycyber (thanks!)

    Brand new Dell 620 Inspiron, Win7Pro, started my updates at home, had no problem. Brought into the office and got the evil 80072EFD. Not my firewall, I’ve got 5 other Win7 clients running on this network with no problem. So I tried everything – 5+ hours on Google. I ended up UN-CHECKING the “Automatically Detect Settings” and it fixed the problem.


    Step 1:
    IE (internet Explorer) > Tools > Internet Options

    Step 2:
    Click “Connections” Tab then click on “LAN settings” Button

    Step 3:
    Remove check box for ”Use automatic configuration script” (probably not checked for typical user)

    Step 4:
    Remove check box for ”Automatically detect setting” (usually checked by default)

    Step 5:
    Click ok

    My Dell is now updating just fine.

    Thanks to all who take the time to post answers – we are indebted to you all.

  122. Tech 24-01-12@21:45

    Worked fine,thanks

  123. abrar7x 14-02-12@18:02

    here’s another solution if all of other suggestions still didn’t work

    1. open IE
    2. click on tools and then internet options
    3. in the ‘Dial-up and Virtual Private Network settings’ box, click on your connection which is currently connected to the internet
    4. click on settings and then untick “use a proxy server for this connection” under proxy server
    5. done! worked for me :) cheers

  124. Nerdinoug 04-06-12@02:31

    you are my HERO!


  125. John Fuhr 13-08-12@04:21

    You are the Best haven’t been able to update since 09 thanks so much..

  126. Tempter 31-10-12@11:55

    You sir are a Gentleman and a Scholar.

  127. Lyngal 12-11-13@00:13

    I tried to “reset proxy” but I get nothing like what is shown. I get
    “reset is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.” I still cannot get updater to work – help!

  128. Walker 12-11-13@00:29

    Did you try run this whole command in the elevated Command Prompt window?

    netsh winhttp reset proxy

  129. Lyngal 12-11-13@01:28

    Yes, tried netsh winhttp reset proxy. It says; Current WinHTTP proxy settings: Direct access (no proxy server).

  130. Walker 12-11-13@23:44

    If you still can’t get Windows update, try these:

    1. Open Internet Explorer and browse to any online website. Let it open (don’t close).

    2. Then, at the elevated Command Prompt window, run this command:

    netsh winhttp import proxy source=ie

    You should get this similar message, if your IE doesn’t set to use a proxy server:

    Current WinHTTP proxy settings:
    Direct access (no proxy server).

    3. Now, restart Windows. After reboot, repeat step-1.

    4. Run Windows Update.

  131. Lynn 18-11-13@00:15

    I typed in netsh… at the command prompt, got Direct access (no proxy server), I did a reboot, restarted Windows, repeated step-1, ran Windows Update – no updates came up.

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