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How To Play WV File Or WavPack Media File?

I call the Storm Codec as an ultimate codec pack for Windows. Nevertheless, the Storm Codec 2007 Perfect Edition in my Windows Vista Desktop is not able to playback WV or WavPack media file :-(

The latest Storm Codec 3.5 might supports WV file format, but I am not going to install this Chinese UI software right now, although I can read Mandarin and my Vista Ultimate SP1 perfectly supports non-Unicode Chinese program.

I will, when they release the version with English UI (Hopefully, there will be this day)!

So for now, in order to playback WV or WavPack media file, I must install another media file decoder. From Google search, I found this WavPack DirectShow filter for download:

Download WavPack DirectShow filter to playback WV media file.

In the download page, locates the download link of WavPack DirectShow filter from CoreCodec.org. At this time of writing, the exe version is 1.1.1 and file size is merely 104KB.

After download, double-click the executable file to start installation. As seen in the screenshot (above), the setup extracts two ax files (DirectShow filter file extension in Windows) into the System32 folder, unregister existing ax files (if any) and register the extracted copy.

It can be done in a manual way as well. For example, copy these two ax files and paste to System32 folder of another Windows machine, open Command Prompt window (for Vista, open the Command Prompt window with elevated privilege), change working directory to C:\Windows\System32 and register both DirectShow filters:
regsvr32 WavPackDSDecoder.ax
regsvr32 WavPackDSSplitter.ax

Once the installation is done, you can playback the WV file with Windows Media Player (in my case, it’s WMP 11) or Media Player Classic (open source freeware).

So, if you happen to have just downloaded a “new” media file ended with WV file extension, don’t panic. This WV file is actually WavPack media file, known as Hybrid Lossless Audio Compression format.

Sound complicated? Just think of it a media file format that provides high quality audio will do. Best of all, it’s free. Bad thing is, there is another media file type out of hundreds :-(

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