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How To Create Optimized Image For Web Or Blog?

While I was blogging with Blogger, the free weblog of Google, I did not bother about image size. Indeed, the higher quality of image the better, size is not a matter to worry.

After switching to WordPress on self-hosting, I started to learn image optimization, which means to save an image with viewable quality at the lowest file size.

Apparently, the key points of using optimized image is to keep storage and bandwidth below the quota of hosting plan that I’m afford to. On top of that, optimized image loads faster on the slow networks or less powerful mobile phones.

JPG image saving options, i.e. the JPEG compression ratio or view quality.At first, I used Irfanview to resize screenshots or image to lower than or equal to my blog main column size.

Next, is to save the resized image to JPEG format with optimized settings, such as lower the JPEG quality (higher JPEG compression ration) and remove EXIF / IPTC data as well as JPG-comments (if any).

Later, I found that the Photoshop CS3 Save For Web and Devices has better result than what I’ve done so far.

However, Photoshop license fee is not cheap unless you are talking about pirated version. Besides, Photoshop is not a lightweight program. Therefore, I cannot have Photoshop running on my 4-years old Dell laptop.

Now, there is a better software called RIOT, shorts for Radical Image Optimization Tool, a freeware developed by Lucian Sabo (I think this is the name of RIOT developer, as per About form).

Best of all, there is a plugin version of RIOT freeware made for Irfanview, so I can still stick at this lightweight image editor and viewer program to create optimized image for web at the best quality as the bulky and pricy Photoshop provides.

Screenshot: Use the RIOT plugin to make optimized image for web posting. The 60KB, original image on the left is optimized to 21KB (on the right):

RIOT, shorts for Radical Image Optimization Tool, is a freeware to create optimized image for web.
RIOT, shorts for Radical Image Optimization Tool, is a freeware to create optimized image for web.

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  1. Mark Sanborn 15-04-09@01:44

    I didn’t see a Linux version of RIOT. But I have had success with pngcrush, jpegtran and imagemagick for Linux users.

    You mentioned Photoshop in your blog, Photoshop, despite its price, actually doesn’t do a very good job of compressing images. You can see my write up on that here:


    Also wanted to mention that certain images types are better suited depending on the image you are saving. For example, png is better than jpeg for images with very few colors like logos and web design. Jpeg is better suited for photography.

  2. Walker 15-04-09@21:52

    Thank you for the Linux notes. You’re right that some images can be better optimized in format other than JPEG.

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