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How To Fix Windows Vista System Tray Icons Disabled Or Greyed Out Problem?

After rebooting Windows Vista SP1, I found that Volume and Network icons disappeared from System Tray (a.k.a. Notification Area). At first, I thought that was caused by some unknown delay.

However, none of these system icons appeared in that Notification Area even after an hour or so! Looked like the options to show these icons had been disabled or turned off.
So, I proceed to Control Panel and opened Taskbar and Start Menu applet. But, the options to show Volume and Network icon in Notification Area tab were greyed out (disabled):

Windows Vista system icons, i.e. Volume, Network, etc, are greyed out or disabled.
Windows Vista system icons, i.e. Volume, Network, etc, are greyed out or disabled.

Although missing these icons do not affect system performance or reliability, except that I could not take a glance at notification area to tell there is a network failure.

Most importantly, I cannot adjust speaker volume with the mouse just next to keyboard. Instead, I have to move my hand further to turn the volume knob of Creative speaker :-(

So, How to fix this Windows Vista system icons greyed out or disabled problem?

Many forums said that this could be easily fixed by restarting explorer.exe process. I try that and confirm it works at no cost:
These steps are tested and verified OK on Windows Vista Ultimate SP1. The guide is only working in the case that these system icons are enabled but go missing after system reboot or account logout.

1) Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC keyboard shortcut to open Windows Task Manager. Alternatively, press CTRL+ALT+DEL and select Start Task Manager, or right click the Taskbar and select Task Manager.

2) In Windows Task Manager window, go to Processes tab, click “Image Name” (the column title) to sort running processes appear in the list, locate the explorer.exe and click End Process button at the bottom-right corner of window:

How to kill or terminate explorer.exe process?

Once the explorer.exe process killed, the Windows Taskbar, Vista Orb (Start button), as well as Desktop icons and wallpaper are disappear.

3) Now, it is time to restart or start a new explorer.exe process again. In Windows Task Manager window, click the File menu and select New Task (Run…). Alternatively, click the Applications tab follow by New Task button on the lower-right corner of window.

In the Create New Task dialog box, type explorer.exe in Open text box and click OK button.

How to restart or start a new explorer.exe process?

As soon as the new explorer.exe process activated and running, the missing Taskbar, Desktop, Vista Orb, as well as the Volume and Network icons are all back to normal.

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  1. Clare 26-04-09@15:16


    I’ve been looking for a solution to this problem (my power icon had been removed from my system tray) for about a year now!

    I’m definitely bookmarking this page in case it happens again.


  2. Matt 03-05-09@22:07

    Hi my network icon was missing. I did this process and it did not fix it PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

  3. Anna 06-05-09@13:59

    Thanks for this! It solved my problem. Whew!

  4. jonny 14-05-09@16:35

    Omg thanks for that, so quick and easy to do. I tried finding other solutions and they were long and complicated and didnt work.

  5. Audrey 19-05-09@17:04

    Didn’t fix it…now there is a blank area on my system tray…and volume is still not back….

  6. damonnazzer 19-05-09@18:42

    Hey guys does anyone know how to fix a toolbar or taskbar, whatever its called. I have windows Vista Basic and my toolbar is frozen or something. Only my start button works and nothing else. Everytime i go to click on a window i have open down the bottom of the screen it makes a error beep. I’ve tried restarting my computer but still nothing has changed. Does anyone know how to fix this???

  7. Chris Bartow 27-05-09@03:31

    THANK YOU! This happens to me on occasion and started when I started using a USB headset. I usually randomly start changing sound settings, rebooting and it eventually comes back.

  8. Ray Tanzini 13-06-09@00:03

    Thank you for taking the time to post this fix.

  9. robert 25-06-09@05:48

    Add Another Thank You To The List

  10. Vinny 25-06-09@06:57

    Thank you very much for taking the time to post this fix.


  11. Amber 27-06-09@00:55

    Thank you so much!

  12. Gustavo 03-07-09@14:31

    Thanks!! I have seen a much more complicated solution elsewhere (http://www.mydigitallife.info/2009/01/01/fix-network-clock-volume-and-power-battery-system-icons-missing-with-disabled-or-grayed-out-check-box-options/), involving change group permissions and editing registry, but that didn’t work for me. Your solution was simple enough and worked like a charm. Now, any hints as to why that happens?

  13. Nick 07-07-09@13:00

    For those of you that didn’t have it work right click in your system tray and then go to properties and then notification area and the grayed out options should be able to be selected again, worked for me thanks for the fix walker

  14. MyGod 15-07-09@12:47


  15. Carol 15-07-09@20:41

    Thanks a lot!! It really worked. I had tried all the other ways, and this is the easier and the only one that worked.

  16. spafa9@gmail.com 29-07-09@20:45

    Thanks a lot! It worked and was super easy. I wonder why it just disappears like that

  17. tims533 01-08-09@03:01

    Wonderful fix. U really gave life to my tray icons ;)

  18. Tommy 05-08-09@07:03

    Sweet, thanks for the fix

  19. Shubham 16-08-09@15:24

    Yea!!! Yippeee….. YUREKA!!!!

  20. Jrock233 20-08-09@03:32

    Thank you so much!! This has been plaguing me for a few months.

  21. Tony Maloney 21-08-09@02:03

    Thanks very much for the clear explanation and for pointing to such a straigtforward solution. Had looked at quite a few other proposed solutions before finding yours. Thanks again.

  22. Aland93 29-08-09@03:36

    Thanks so much. This worked like a charm!!

  23. Burg 31-08-09@00:47

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Very clear instructions, and my icons are working again!

  24. Franklin 02-09-09@05:29

    Awesome post. Thanks so much!

  25. maheshhiremath 03-09-09@03:26

    Amazing solution and it works … :) Thanks a lot !

  26. blue 05-09-09@10:25

    THANK YOU!!!!

  27. wjj 08-09-09@12:28

    Thanks dude, that worked wonders!

  28. Kim 14-09-09@04:32

    THANK YOU! I have had so many problems with the stupid icons. This was the 4th time I’ve had to fix it and your method was the easiest. Thanks again.

  29. Louise 19-09-09@05:17

    Excellent! Thanks.

  30. Kerry 28-09-09@18:26

    Thanks. Icons didn’t appear straight away, had to go to properties to they weren’t greyed anymore. Thanks heaps, other registery things didn’t work for me. Way easier than all the other processes.

  31. Sharmine 30-09-09@21:52

    Mine didn’t work, not even in the properties tab. Infact, I didn’t even have explorer.exe in my processes. What in the world is wrong?

  32. Sharmine 30-09-09@21:54

    Oh ok you have to open explorer.exe first then you End Process! It worked thanks so much!!

  33. Sundaram 05-10-09@20:50

    Wonderful Yeah ! It is a miracle. Many many thanks

  34. Hari 08-10-09@03:31

    Wonderful !!!!

  35. lila 09-10-09@06:00

    My network icon disappeared about 3 days ago. I did all the registry edit stuff and it didnt work but yesterday my volume and power icons disappeared. I followed what you said and my power and volume came back but my network icon is still greyed out ?

    Help !!!

  36. sniz 13-10-09@05:09

    thanks man worked like a charm!!!!

  37. christen 14-10-09@03:28

    i never leave comments but this problem was so frustrating and you helped me fix it so easily i just had to say thanks!

  38. adam 14-10-09@10:57

    Thanks mate. This fixed it when the registry fix thing found elsewhere does not.

  39. Shay 14-10-09@11:01

    Thanks so much! Quick and easy fix, and in plain English! Many thanks!

  40. Grace 14-10-09@21:38

    thank you SO MUCH.!!!!

    This is by far the easiest way to bring back the system icons. This actually happened to me several times and I keep on forgetting what I had done before since others are too complicated. Good thing that you posted this..thank u thank u!!!!

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    it works thanks alot

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    Thanks a buch, it did work!!!!!

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    Bundle of thanks…

  44. Dave 22-10-09@02:22

    The process worked and I can see where it would work for most things but I must have another issue still. The switch is grayed out in the media area. hmmmm. I like the taskbar shortcut. Thanks!

  45. Jordan 28-10-09@14:34

    you saved my life, that was getting so annoying

  46. mark 29-10-09@03:24

    Good soln – I have used the hotfix from MS a couple of times to fix this problem but for some reason the problem persists and I found this through trying to find the fix again.

  47. Loraine 31-10-09@03:41

    Thanks a million. I have to admit I was quit anxious when I had I warned that doing what you said “could make my system unstable”. I backed up everything and tried your solution VOILA!…….it worked just fine. Thanks a million. It is so nice when someone takes the time to find and then offer solutions to some crazy, crazy, issues.

    You are appreciated!…..thanks and God Bless

  48. JAYMIN 03-11-09@02:54

    thanks buddie very very much…… may god bless u….. tc,…..

  49. Narssimhan Kannan 03-11-09@15:43

    Thanks man! It was so frustrating without the network icon. Your article really helped me. Thanks once again.

  50. Dana Schaffer 24-11-09@02:38

    Vista Sucks!!! Thank you SO Much!!!

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    Thanx alot my friend.i spent a lot of time searching in windows help but i didnt find anything.and now with your help i solved my problem so quick.thanks again

  53. Jodha 07-12-09@11:55

    THANK YOU! I have been searching for this solution and your webpage is the first to actually provide something that works and doesn’t require me to go into the registry. I would say I love you, but that is not original, so I will say I respect you in a professional way. Thanks!

  54. sassy 07-12-09@17:35

    Wow… this was the simplest thing/solution out there! i was skeptical about others but the up to date reviews made me do it n now the icons are active n back on the task bar. thanks again!

  55. Rex the Strange 11-12-09@12:00

    Neat trick.

  56. mario 12-12-09@10:50

    thank u very much that help me

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    Thank you so much for posting this quickfix. You’re a life-saver!

  58. BENjaminANG 24-12-09@10:33

    THANKS!! it really helps me alot with my boss’s PC, make me a hero!! THANKS again!!

  59. HereBeDragons 28-12-09@15:19

    Thank you! A little scary when the Windows Taskbar, Desktop icons and wallpaper all disappear. But the fix works, is simple to understand, and even simpler to implement. I’m keeping this bookmarked. Thanks again

  60. Cutiee 17-01-10@23:58

    thanks this is the best. A little frightening when my task bar disappeared but thankss so much :) it took me ages to find a decent web page like this im totally bookmarking this ! :D

  61. Sweet 17-01-10@23:59

    have to reccommend this to my mates if it ever happens to them!

  62. Reva Hash 23-01-10@12:08

    I did exactly what you said and did not think it worked at first. However, when I went to the taskbar system icons notification area, the grayed out area had miraculously been removed. All I had to do was to check the boxes and they work fine now. Thanks so much for the info.
    R. Hash

  63. Jane Diva 24-01-10@06:36

    Kudos!! I freaked out when my info disappeared and was getting ready to tear apart my Control Panel and all sorts of other settings but I searched for a fix first and found you – so glad I did! Thanks for the easy instructions – much appreciated.


  64. Sal 26-01-10@04:23

    Just tried it and worked great! Thank You so much!

  65. Maurice 26-01-10@07:41

    OMG! Thank you! After installing Windows VIsta SP2, my network connection and volume control icons had disappeared from my taskbar. Even after several restarts the problem persisted.

    After searching extensively I found this blog and your instructions did the trick!


  66. Np 03-02-10@07:08

    I tried your solution but it didnt work.. but then some one responded saying its the USB headset.. thats the culprit.

    In anycase, visiting this page was helpful.


  67. Hiruhi 03-02-10@14:11

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    thank you so much!!!!!

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    Who would of known it was so simple!
    Thank you so much! You are amazing

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    I’m in no way computer minded but with your straight forwarded no fuss solution it was a walk in the park. Had spent bloody ages trying to find a solution. I really am very grateful. Many Thanks.

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    Thanks. Worked first time!

  80. Ahad 26-04-10@12:27

    Thanx…it was very very simple

  81. Cheyennemtnman 29-04-10@14:06

    For those still stuck with grayed out…. after you followed the posted steps… you can try this after restarting the process Explorer.exe For new task enter the following into the new task block window (run line)…. c:\Windows\System32\gpedit.msc then find under User Configuration Category… select the Administrative Templates Folder and then open the Start Meny and Taskbar Folder… On the right hand pane of the Local Group Policy Editor… you will see a list of settings… find the “Remove the volume control icon” setting line and right click on that line… another window will popup … make sure it is selected as “Not Configured” if not change it to that setting and click on Apply… You should see the icon appear in the properties window from the taskbar… and you can select it to show….

  82. Tammy Kalis 07-05-10@11:01

    Thank you so much! I have looked at quite a few other ways to fix this problem and none of them worked or was as simple and easy as you described it! My icons are back, thanks again!

  83. Tina 13-06-10@07:01

    Glad I bookmarked this page. It happened again, but I only lost my power icon. Went through the steps again and presto.

  84. Eleanor Moore 29-06-10@02:02

    Thanks ever so much. I’m not a nerd but never considered myself a slouch when fixing errors on my computer. One day the volume icon in system tray had disappeared. I went all over Microsoft help, and then the internet. I emailed my brothers who know a bit also. I don’t know how I found this page, but it was a godsend. Had the very same problem with greyed out icons. Followed the directions and BINGO. I now have the volume icon back in my system tray.

  85. kate 12-07-10@12:00

    All the other websites talked about this huge complex process but this was so easy! Thank you so much :)

  86. Yasemin 22-07-10@07:45

    OMG worked like a charm thank you or gracias! :)

  87. Stephen 26-07-10@21:34

    This was simple and it worked!
    So many other sites talked but posted non-working or nonsense advice.
    Thanks very much.
    This problem, encountered by so many people, is a cogent reminder that Vista, when all is said and done,
    really does suck.

  88. Rrrrrrrrrrrrr 02-08-10@03:50

    Me too, thank you so much for this easy fix!!!!
    My speaker icon disappeared and the Volume property was disabled in the System icons notification area. Restarting explorer.exe was the fix!

  89. Pat 03-10-10@22:34

    Just adding my “thanks:! :) It didn’t work at first, until I read your comment to go back to the task bar properties and check the icons to always show… no longer grayed out. This is the second time it happened to me, but I forgot how it was fixed the first time. THIS time, I’ll remember!

  90. Arih 04-10-10@23:56

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this worked soo well. im just soo glad tht im actually leaving a comment (which i never do btw) :D

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    TYTYTYTYTY SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!! I have been looking for a solution to this problem for a long time! tyvm =D

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    Thanks a million. Like many post have stated before me….it was very simple. I too searched other forums/sites and the directions they were giving was tedious and still didn’t work. Thanks again

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    Easy and lifesaving (…or somewhat)

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    Thank you Thank you Thank you

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    Thank you for sharing this, worked fine, items no longer greyed out.

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    Thanks again

  115. J 02-04-11@11:30

    Great fix (I’m one of the ones who posted above), but has anyone else noticed this? Ever since using this method to fix the disappearing tray icons or grayed out problem, my tray icons (battery meter for me) disappear a lot more often than they used to. It seems the more I go back to using this to fix it, the more it happens. My battery icon disappears at least once a day now. Before it was about once a month.

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  127. Alyssa 09-08-11@10:21

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    The fix was fast and hassle free.
    It’s great to have people like yourself that are able to contribute their time and knowledge to the internet community.
    Many thanks!

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    so, good this solution many times happens when i install anykind of software, computer got crazy and icons gone, many people say have solution but this one is the best when is also grayed out on system tray notification area, thank you a lot.

  131. tj 20-08-11@01:06

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    Bookmarking this for next time.

  135. MCC Frank 28-08-11@10:06

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    This link is now in my “How To” folder.

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    This might be entirely unrelated, but for me this issue started when i enabled windows search indexing service, besides taking forever to actually start-up the icons were gone too.. randomness

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    Two years & eight months after your original post I can vouch that your fix still works. Thank you for your help!

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  165. Shiv Ram Krishna 18-02-12@04:03

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    Knew that this works for several other problems .. but fixes this notification icons too … !! that’s amazing .
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    And it works on Windows 7 !

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    You, Sir, cut right to the chase! Bravo, and thank you. Wow, what a novel idea for a laptop computer, powered by batteries, to actually have a charging indicator on the display! I guess it was stupidity on my part to think that after all these decades of computing, the engineers keep missing some vital engineering. You know, like ya’ might need some air in the tires!

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