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How To Completely Remove Or Uninstall Nokia PC Suite?

Except the novice, everyone knows that it is easy to uninstall or remove Windows program. Normally, this can be done via Control Panel Add/Remove Programs applet (in Windows Vista, it is known as Programs and Features).

Alternatively, just click the uninstall program shortcut created by the software, which is normally found in Start menu.

It’s that simple so even the geek take the uninstall function for granted. No doubt the default uninstaller seems to work right, it is not always the case.

For example, it took me quite some precious time to uninstall AVG Free Anti-virus version 8.0.

Now, I just stumble upon a “new” program called Nokia PC Suite Cleaner, which is a special tool to perform clean removal or un-installation of Nokia PC Suite.

Do I really need to separately download Nokia PC Suite Cleaner or just count on the “Uninstall Nokia PC Suite” shortcut in Start menu?

Download Nokia PC Suite Cleaner to completely remove or uninstall Nokia PC Suite.

Well, as far as the Nokia PC Suite Cleaner download page that I’ve read, it seems to be necessary if I would like to completely uninstall or remove Nokia PC Suite for the sake of better performance.
Nokia PC Suite Cleaner helps you remove any unnecessary Nokia PC Suite-related files, registry data, as well as personal content left on your PC after uninstalling Nokia PC Suite. – quoted the download page as saying.

Take note on underlined words: the un-installation is not clean or complete after running the default uninstall program. But, this cleaner ensures the leftovers are cleaned too.

According to download page, Nokia PC Suite Cleaner is made to work with Nokia PC Suite version 6.83 or later.

Therefore, I strongly believe that this cleaner program is a must if I want to uninstall Nokia PC Suite version, at least until the cleaner program functions are built into the uninstaller of new release.

Download Nokia PC Suite Cleaner – supports Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. In Windows 2000, the support is restricted to PC Suite versions 6.83 – 6.86

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  1. Jodie 13-02-10@11:44

    I cannot uninstall the Nokia Nseries PC suite AT ALL ! It is driving me nuts. There is no uninstall option and I am not PC savvy enough to know short cuts.
    Any ideas?

  2. lara diones 29-11-10@01:36

    i got problem wd my pc,,, i cant connect the bluetooth from pc to pc so i decide maybe from the nokia pc suite,,, it affects maybe the connection so i have to uninstall it. hope u can give a sort of advice..

  3. Jonathan Small 09-09-12@21:06

    Thanks, this really helped a lot. I finally was able to find out how to uninstall the program because of this. Thank you.

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