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Guide To Fix Windows Live Messenger Login Error 80048820

A screencast or picture is better than writing thousand of words, if the Internet connection is stable and speedy. Otherwise, a thousand words is simply the best!

So, here I write this step-by-step guide that might solve your Windows Live Messenger login problem, particularly the one related to error code 80048820 or extended error code 80048416.
Interestingly, the error 80048820 only happens when I connect Windows Live Messenger via corporate network that implement http proxy server.

Steps to fix Windows Live Messenger Login error 80048820

I’ve tested this successfully with Windows Live Messenger version 8.1 (build 8.1.0178.00), running on Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 and IE8 version 8.0.6001.18702.
Assuming the firewall is properly configured to allow Windows Live Messenger to function. If you’re not too sure, just disable it first and back to it later with a firewall expert :-)

First, confirm the http proxy server is working correctly to allow you access the Windows Live Messenger service.

So, click the Tools menu (double click window title bar to maximize and show menu), go to Options, Connection, Advanced Settings, click Test button (3rd button; the one for http proxy server configuration) and make sure it’s successful.

Next, open IE8 window, press ALT+T keyboard shortcut and click Internet Options, go to Advanced tab, scroll down to Security section and uncheck the Check for server certificate revocation option.

Now, back to Windows Live Messenger and try to login again. For my case, it works perfectly, as shown in the following screencast:

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