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Reveal The Name Of Song or Music That Used In YouTube Video

Unless you have uploaded video to YouTube for sharing or read it somewhere, you might not aware there is a YouTube feature called AudioSwap.

AudioSwap is a music library for YouTube uploader to add or replace the audio track of a video.

At the time of writing, AudioSwap is FOC – there is no loyalty charge, music license fee, etc, imposed for using AudioSwap music in your own video clip hosted at YouTube.

Personally, I like this feature very much as it makes all my “silent” screencasts alive at zero cost :-)

Now, if you come across a YouTube video clip with background music and curious to find out what is the song title, where or how could you look for it?

Find out the title of song or music used in a YouTube video clip.Well, it’s very simple. Although, I just stumble upon this information :-(

The answer is in Statistics & Data section!

By default, only the Text Comments section is expanded while the Statistics & Data section is “closed”.

To expand this hidden section, just click on it. As long as the background music is from AudioSwap, you can find out the title of song or music of that video clip you’re looking at, in this section.

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  1. Chris 29-03-11@13:02

    Thanks for this! I had added a sound-track to a video I had uploaded silent, and the client liked it…but wanted one more change. So I had to try to find it again and your post showed up in a search. So again, thanks!

  2. Saimen 17-07-11@00:41

    It still works! Great! Many THX!

    The statistics are currently hidden behind a statistics-icon. You’ll find it for sure :-)


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