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How To Fix Windows Live Messenger Login Error Code 80048820?

I am not sure that this trick works for all of you who are Google-ing help related to Windows Live Messenger key ports failure or error code 80048820.

However, see it and believe it, as I have just made another “silent” screencast for reference.

Problem: I was able to sign in Windows Live Messenger at Starbuck before crawling to office this morning.

However, the login failed after connecting the same laptop I used at Starbuck to corporate network and started to online via proxy server.

No matter how many times I tried to login with different “tweaks” applied here and there, the darn error code 80048820 (extended error code 80048416) keep pops up to upset me :-(

Windows Live Messenger Login error 80048820

The Connection TroubleShooter showed “key ports” failure and suggested that could be caused by improper proxy server or firewall settings:

Windows Live Messenger Connection TroubleShooter shows Key Ports failure

However, proxy server was not the culprit, as Connection Tester indicated a successful remark. It’s not firewall of any kind too that cause this problem.

So, what will be the likely cause? How to fix the “meaningless” error code 80048820 or extended error code 80048416?

After filtering hundreds of Google search result, I got this useful link from MSN@China.

Out of few solutions stated in the page, I found that by disabling Check for server certificate revocation option in IE8 works out well for my case (login via office network with proxy server and firewall):

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    […] thousand words is simply the best! So, here I write this step-by-step guide that might solve your Windows Live Messenger login problem, particularly the one related to error code 80048820 or extended error code 80048416. […]

  2. Michael Duffin 03-05-09@22:28

    We found a solution to the problem of gettin an error trying to log in to windows live messenger that list wlcomm.exe and rpawinet.dll. Just rename rpawinet.dll and you can login fine. rpawinet.dll is a NetIdentity HTTP Filter from Novell, Inc. *WARNING* Do not rename this file if you are using the Novell ZENworks
    Desktop Management Agent to login to a ZENworks Middle Tier Server or
    are using the Myapps.html web site to launch ZENworks applications
    (i.e., if you are in an “Agent Only” with no Novell Client
    environment). Renaming the file will result in the inability to
    authenticate to the Middle Tier or launch applications from the
    MyApps.html web page.”

  3. Andrew 17-04-10@03:07

    One of the people in my office was having a similar issue. Though she could connect to the corporate network she could not use IE or Messenger. Firefox worked fine, however, and we were able to ping internal and external resources. After a minute of digging around, we selected Internet Options from the IE tool menu, selected the Connections Tab, Clicked on the LAN Settings button and enabled the “Automatically Detect Network Settings” option. Her issues with IE and Messenger were instantly fixed.

    I have no idea why this happened, but I hope this solution helps someone else!

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