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How To Remove Or Uninstall AVG Free Antivirus?

It’s a good practice to keep Windows software updated with new version whenever possible, for the sake of performance, reliability, and security.

So, this morning I exercised the plan to upgrade the AVG antivirus free edition that safeguard my Windows 2000 running in VMWare virtual machine. (AVG antivirus free edition tops the most wanted software list at Download.com for quite some time).

As a matter of preference, I choose to uninstall the old software first before installing the version 8.5.

However, the process was not as smooth as I expected, no matter I tried to remove it from Start->Program menu or via the Add/Remove Program applet of Control Panel.

Precisely, the AVG Antivirus 8.0 uninstall process stopped with an error that said “Action failed for file avgemc.exe…”, as shown in the following screenshot:

Error seen when uninstall AVG antivirus free edition in Windows 2000.

After Google a while, I realize that it could be a bit painful to remove this popular antivirus freeware than installing it.

So, how to uninstall or remove the AVG antivirus freeware from Windows (2000)?

As per result found at AVG.com, you could try one of these two methods to remove AVG antivirus, if the “normal procedure” to uninstall it fails unexpectedly:

Using latest AVG Antivirus installer

The latest AVG antivirus installer offers options to add/remove components, repair existing installation, or to uninstall the existing AVG from computer:

How to uninstall AVG antivirus freeware from Windows?

Download AVG Remover program

The latest AVG antivirus 8.5 is about 60MB in size. If you want to remove the antivirus freeware permanently, you should download the lightweight AVG Remover tool (less than 700KB).

The AVG Remover utility removes all parts of AVG installation on your computer, including registry items, installation and user files on your disk, etc.

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  2. vik 15-03-10@06:03

    Hi, I am trying to unisntal AVG 8.5 and to instal Norton antivirus in my computer , could you please help me how to do it .

  3. Gary M. Kulp 10-06-10@04:09

    I would like to completely remove all that is AVG 9.0.819 . I have Norton on to replace it, but the program still tries to scan my computer. The program was removed from the add or remove list, but I still have the icon in the bottom right hand corner of the monitor screen,which gives me the message about AVG running its scan.

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