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How To Login Multiple Gmail Accounts with IE8?

OK, I’ve upgraded IE7 bundled with Vista SP1 to the latest Windows Internet Explorer 8. Before looking into new features of IE8, let me introduce you a so-called IE8 trick that probably most of you would like to use.

Problem: If you’ve more than one Gmail accounts registered for different purpose and accustomed to login these multiple accounts at one go, you might regret to upgrade the Microsoft Windows web browser to the latest IE8.

Why? What is the problem exactly of using multiple Gmail accounts in IE8?

Imagine this, you open two IE8 windows (not tab) that both access to the Gmail login page. After login to Gmail as Walker with one of the IE8 window, the second IE8 window automatically login to Gmail as Walker as well.

Now, you end up with two IE8 windows login to the same Gmail account, not as you wish to login two different Gmail accounts in that two different windows.

In IE7, this IE8 “problem” only happen when Gmail login page opens in two tabs of the same browser window.

So, How to fix this IE8 “problem” in order to login multiple Gmail accounts simultaneously?

OK, the trick is pretty simply! There is no need to install additional add-on or to run it with Protected Mode off. Indeed, I don’t recommend to install such add-ons (if there is) where the function/feature provided is already inbuilt.

All you need to do is just run IE8 with a command option switch to change its default behaviour:

1) Right-click IE8 shortcut that you normal click to launch this web browser and go to Properties,

2) Click the Shortcut tab and append the IE8 -nomerge option in the Target field (as shown in following screenshot):

Using IE8 -nomerge option to login multiple Gmail account simultaneously.

Click OK to save the change. (You might need to close all active IE8 windows and reopen for change to take effect).

As you reopen IE8 window with this tweaked shortcut, you should able to login multiple Gmail accounts (or just any web service accounts) in IE8 as you wish!

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  1. dave caughley 20-05-09@04:58

    Hey just thought I’d point out that you need a space between the ” and the -nomerge, it isn’t clear from the graphics, it took me about ten profanity filled minutes to work that out =)

  2. Varun Awarwal 02-07-09@18:47

    Hi Walker,
    I Just got this link while browsing for this problem.

    I would like to thank you very much, as this small trick has made my life very easy. The new IE 8 is fast then before but the main problem was with multiple accounts ….

    Thanks a Lot for this trick

  3. Samantha Winchester 05-07-09@04:31

    Walker, thank you thank you thank you! You’ve saved me a huge amount of frustration and inconvenience. I have four gmail accounts and the new IE8 was about to drive me to strong drink. :-)

  4. steve 13-01-10@04:19

    This is just not working for me. I’m sure I’m doing everything right.
    tried alt/file/new session
    tried start run iexplore.exe -nomerge
    tried modifying the shortcut as explained
    every time I open the second window and type http://www.gmail.com it opens the same account as in the first window???? Anybody else figured out something else about this or a system setting that has to be in place for it to work?
    running win xp pro sp3 and IE8

  5. Randhir Singh 20-10-10@16:44

    I got this link while looking for this problem.
    I would like to thank you very much, as this small advice has helped me a lot. The new IE 8 is fast then before but the main problem was with opening two or more gmail accounts, but Ifailed to open them in same browser tab.
    Thanks a Lot .


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