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Internet Explorer 8 Download Not Working

I’m not sure who else encounters the same problem, but I’m sure that all of us here (myself and friends) cannot download the latest Internet Explorer 8 from Microsoft website by following this link.

I’ve tried on IE7 with Protected Mode off, Mozilla Firefox 3.0.7, and Google Chrome, none of these browser is successful (to download IE8).

If you visit Windows Internet Explorer product page from Microsoft home page, there is chance you will hit this broken link (as what I suspect; true at and before the time of writing this post) and wait forever the download to start.

Windows Internet Explorer download link not working?

Although I managed to download it successfully later, but it was done via Microsoft Download Center!

So, if you’re frustrated as I was, just go to Microsoft Download Center. Alternatively, if you prefer, just click one of these links to the direct download.

Windows Internet Explorer 8 Direct Download :
Click the platform link to access IE8 direct download page in Download Center for language option.

Click the “http” link (second line after the platform link) for one-click direct download link of IE7 setup file (English only).

Windows XP (16.1 MB)

Windows Server 2003 (16.1 MB)

Windows Server 2003 SP2 64-bit or Windows XP Professional 64-bit (32.4 MB)

Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 (13.3 MB)

Windows Vista 64-bit or Windows Server 2008 64-bit (24.3 MB)

Note: If IE8 is not your choice, just kindly ignore me. Wish you all have a good day and good luck!

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