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New Apple iPod Shuffle Includes VoiceOver Technology Of Mac OS X

Apple Inc knows that one size doesn’t fit all very well, as some people at some occasions will find their need of iPod player differently.

Therefore, the Apple engineers compute calculus (on their superior Macintosh OS) to find out the maximum size of iPod to encase all necessary features for a mobile music player that suits most people :-)

Apple Inc offers different iPod for different people need.Then, they shrink the maximum iPod size down to iPod Mini, next the iPod Nano, and all the way down to the most portable form of music player called iPod Shuffle.

Now, we have the 3rd generation of Apple iPod Shuffle, just released on March 11 with recommended retail price at $79 bucks.

The 3rd generation of Apple iPod Shuffle supports VoiceOver - a text-to-speech technology used in Mac OS X 10.4.The new design reverts the rectangular shape of 2nd generation back to candy-bar shape measuring 45.2 mm (height) x 17.5 mm (width) x 7.8 mm (depth) at 10.7 grams only, which is likely smaller than most padlock keys found in your pocket :-)

However, this tiny form factor is capable of storing up to 1000 songs in 128-Kbps AAC format and a built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery that can last up to 10 hours of playback time when fully charged!

One of the notable feature introduced by this new iPod Shuffle is called VoiceOver, which according to Apple Inc is the first music player that can talks!
VoiceOver is a text-to-speech technology used in Mac OS X 10.4, a feature designed to increase accessibility for those with impaired vision (and people who is either busy or lazy).

Precisely, it means a player that can speak a song title written in one of the 14 languages, so you don’t have to look back the tiny display for string of text scrolling over while jogging or driving on the road that requires your attention of safety.

In addition, VoiceOver speak aloud when the battery goes low!

The 3rd Generation of Apple iPod Shuffle
[ Visit Apple office site for iPod Shuffle technical specification ]

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