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New YouTube Player Interface To View HD Video Clip

As the high definition technology become ubiquitous, many people are addictive to HD-ready videos, simply because of clarity is attractive.

Therefore, YouTube started to host and stream high definition video to accommodate demanding multimedia trend of earlier 21st century.

Song long as you’ve uploaded a HD-ready video clip, YouTube offers visitors a choice to watch it in normal quality or high definition mode.

The default playback mode is of course the normal quality, as not everyone in this world connects to Internet with broadband package.

I have few screencasts posted to WalkerNewsDotNet Channel @ YouTube. Some of them are available in high definition format.

So, if you’re not too sure about what I was trying to show in all those “silent” screencasts, please try to play it in HD mode, by clicking the HQ button that appears on the YouTube player interface (if it’s a HD-ready screencast):

When the YouTube video clip is playing in high definition mode, the HQ button turns into red colour.There is a HQ button on YouTube Player if the video clip is available in high definition format.

The HQ button turns into red colour when the video is playing at HD mode.

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