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Paint Pad Not Working On Non HK-based Nokia 5800!

I talked about new S60 freeware and games for Nokia 5800 in previous post, mentioned that all of them can be installed, and execute successfully.

However, I didn’t realized that the Paint Pad imposes limited functions on a non Hong Kong-based cell phone :-(.

Well, there is no surprise, understand that the program is only available for download in Nokia HK website.

Sooner or later, there will be more S60 freeware made for Hong Kong market limit the program function when these software are installed on smart phone made for other countries :-(

Although, I’m really upset, knowing that I couldn’t enjoy a useful freeware like Paint Pad with all its functions.

So, why I can’t enjoy the freeware, as it’s not my fault for not living in Hong Kong? After all, I paid premium price for the same genuine Nokia 5800 as Hongkee do :-(
Guess what, I almost want to made a video showing my reaction, as what have been filmed at HK International Airport when the pity aunty missing her flight to Chicago just a little earlier!

(Don’t wait, that’s just a joke – I won’t make one as I’m a public-shy and thus I never speak for my screencasts @ WalkerNewsDotNet!)

Now, back to this Zensis-made freeware for Hongkee, what functions of Paint Pad are exactly missing in my Nokia 5800?

As you can see from the following screenshots taken by ScreenSnap, I couldn’t save my priceless “masterpiece”, not even to send it by all means!

The Paint Pad freeware does not provide full function when installed on non Hong Kong-based Nokia 5800.Nokia 5800 freeware, Paint Pad of Zensis, makes the Nokia touchsceen phone to function as tablet device to draw at wish.

Paint Pad is useful to me as it’s easier and convenient to draft notes or diagrams on this tiny digital canvas for documentation or reference.

It’s more practical to take this “pricy” Nokia touchscreen phone with me to everywhere at anytime than having a bulky tablet.

Now what? I have no choice but to live with its limitedd function and rely on ScreenSnap to save the drawing as screenshot :-(

Tell me if you know an alternative of Paint Pad alike freeware for S60 5th Edition. I appreciated that. Many thanks.

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  1. Zensis support 06-04-09@11:26

    Thank you for your support in Paint Pad.

    Currently Paint Pad is licensed to Nokia HK to distribute freely to their customers phone with Traditional Chinese language.

    But we are happy to tell you that an international version is under development and will be released soon.

    Please keep visiting our website for latest news! :)

  2. Walker 06-04-09@22:42

    I wish this is true!
    Btw, your comment was in spam list.
    I guess you might have posted this similar message to few ten thousand sites.

  3. Zensis support 21-04-09@16:10

    haha, we want so much to post the message to ten thousnad sites!! but we have no effort to do so :P

    Anyway, the international version of Paint Pad is now released! You can find it in Mobolan, Nokia Software Market, Handango.


  4. Walker 22-04-09@22:49

    I thought that the international edition will be published as freeware, but it cost 9.9 bucks “only”?

    How sad :-(

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