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Nokia HK Offers Another 7 Symbian Freeware And Games For Nokia 5800

Good news again that Nokia HK has just published another seven S60 freeware and games for the Nokia 5800! Best of all, non-HK handsets could also download and install all these multilingual freeware and games.

Although they’re labeled for Nokia 5800, I believe that these software are compatible with any smart phone powered by Symbian OS S60 5th Edition UI (i.e. Symbian touchscreen user interface).

If you ever encounter “expired certificate” error during SIS installation, just try to unplug the bundled memory card and then “format” the phone with *#7370# secret code.

Now, thank you M-Bounce and Zensis for offering these freeware and games for Nokia 5800 (the 3rd Nokia touchscreen-based smart phone):

Paint Pad

If you like, just call this as (Microsoft) Paint for Nokia 5800! Paint Pad, developed by Zensis, provides few simple drawing tools for every creative folk to paint on photos or a blank canvas.

Symbian freeware for touchscreen-based Nokia 5800 - Paint Pad

Dodge This

This is a JAVA game developed by Zensis. As the name and screenshot imply, Dodge This is about moving the plane away from gunfire, with the help of stylus. Personally, I don’t really like this game – it’s dull and dummy, although I’ve to admit that I couldn’t dodge gunfire very well :-(

S60 5th Edition Freeware Game for Nokia 5800 - Dodge This

The rest of these five Symbian freeware are developed by M-Bounce in Java:

Big 2 Master (Choh Dai Di, 锄大D)

Big 2 card game is my all-time favorite, as you know. If I’m not mistaken, this is the second Big 2 card game of M-Bounce. As compare to the 1st version, this new Big 2 Master is a bit annoying to me – the cards are smaller; it’s not really easy to play if without a stylus and not exercise two hands during the game.

Symbian freeware game for S60 5th Edition or touchscreen interface.


Nokia 5800 freeware - SudokoIf Sudoku is still popular for you, then this mobile game is definitely a must-have Symbian freeware for your Nokia 5800. The Sudoku mobile game provides three puzzle sizes (4×4, 6×6, and 9×9) and three difficulty levels to satisfy most challengers.

For beginners, there are hints or tips available in partial or full mode, to ensure everyone could complete the maths puzzle.

Mahjong and Shanghai Mahjong

To be frank, I don’t know how to play Mahjong! Similar to Big 2, Mahjong is very popular among Chinese. There are study that said playing Mahjong could prevent old folks from suffering Parkinson disease. So, I should take some time to learn playing Mahjong for own good sake :-)

Touchscreen-based Symbian freeware game - Mahjong Shanghai Mahjong freeware game for Nokia 5800


Symbian freeware game - DouDiZhu card gameAnother mobile card game that looks like the poker. According to the game instruction, DouDiZhu (斗地主) is very popular in mainland China, especially among farmers in the old days.

[ To download all these S60 freeware and game, please help yourself to visit Nokia 5800 application site @ HK (English) ]

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  1. J Diedericks 25-05-09@04:30

    How do i get my licence code for rhe Nokia 5800 which its keeps asking for but i stil have 123 days left. The updatw option doesn’t work. Plz help.

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