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S60 5th Edition Freeware: Big 2 Card Game For Nokia 5800

It’s not hard to imagine how boring it is while waiting in a long queue or commuting to office with same hectic scene during peak hour on each working day.

To find a relief of frustration and pressure, I prefer to play mobile game than listen to music with a loud headset (as I don’t want to suffer deafness later :-).

Now, talk about my favourite mobile game, it must be Big 2 (Choh Dai Di, 锄大D), a poker-alike card game that is so popular among Chinese.

I’ve Net Big2 in PC for many years and never find it boring to play with and I was really excited to know about Symbian freeware version of Big 2 for Nokia N73 (that sold on Jan 2009).

However, I missed the game after switching to Nokia 5800, as the M-Bounce Big 2 only works on Symbian S60 3rd Edition UI, not for S60 5th Edition.

But, this situation has gone! M-Bounce has just released a new Big 2 mobile game for Symbian touchscreen interface, dedicated for S60 5th Edition UI and specifically hosted by Nokia HK as one of the many Symbian freeware made for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic!

Symbian freeware game for S60 5th Edition or touchscreen interface.

M-Bounce Big 2 Master - free mobile card game for Symbian S60 5th Edition.M-Bounce Big 2 Master is a free mobile card game made for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.

As you can see here, the new version looks more attractive than the old one in Nokia N73, with these new interface and graphic design. Not only the avatar is bigger, there is also a brief profile and game score of each player.

Most important point is free! Thank you M-Bounce and Nokia HK for making this great mobile game a freeware again and it works with Nokia 5800!
But, to be frank, I’m not that satisfy with this new version for two points. First, the cards are too small and second point is that I’ve to use a stylus to play Big 2 now.

In other words, it must be played with two hands, which is challenging if I want to play Big 2 while I’m sandwiched in a tube during peak hours :-(

Download and install Big 2 Master For Nokia 5800

1) Download Big 2 Master for Nokia 5800 from Nokia HK website.

2) Unzip Big2Master.zip and copy both JAD and JAR files to Nokia 5800 memory card.

3) On handset, presses Menu key, go to Application, File Manger, Memory Card and click the JAD file to begin installation. Enjoy yourself!

If you’ve “certificate expired” problem during installation, it might be fixed by format your Nokia 5800 after taking out the bundled memory card!

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  1. KG 08-05-09@04:59

    thanks for that game…but how the hell do you play it? i just dont get the instructions within the game…please help

    thanks from KG

  2. Walker 08-05-09@16:04

    @KG, there are some icons shown when the game starts up, among them there is a HELP which brief the game rules and play instructions.

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