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How To Reset Nokia N73 Lock Code Or Security Code?

What will you do if you forget your Nokia N73 lock code (a.k.a. security code)? Well, if money is not a matter, just throw it to recycle bin.

Otherwise, pay the capable Nokia BB5 locksmith to unlock it or search the web for a way to crack it at your pace (save some bucks for paying phone bill).

If that really happen to you, read and follow this little “trick” to unlock the Nokia BB5 smart phone (such as Nokia N73) at your own risk, because I’d sold the N73 last month to buy a touch touch baby (Nokia 5800).

So, I couldn’t prove the trick and I’ve no idea what will happen after completing the steps suggested by a Chinese blogger. Personally, I will try it anyway and I don’t believe this trick will corrupt the phone firmware or something bad.

But then again, I warn you and don’t blame me if it doesn’t work:

Unlock Nokia N73 or Nokia BB5 smart phones – Reset the security/lock code

According to the China site, there are two ways to format Nokia N73 or smart phone running Symbian OS S60 3rd Edition UI. These two ways are known as “soft reset” and “hard reset”.

A “soft reset” is triggered by pressing the *#7370# secret code while the phone is unlock and power on. This secret code will format N73 phone memory (all user data files are deleted) and restore settings to factory default (thus the lock code will be reset to 12345 again).

However, Symbian OS will ask for a valid lock code (even the phone is unlocked) before proceed to format the phone memory :-(

On the other hand, a “hard reset” (which I didn’t test while owning the N73) is said able to force Symbian to format phone memory and restore settings to factory default without asking for a valid lock code.

Again, a “hard reset” requires a secret code. Although there is no technical skill required to trigger a “hard reset”, you might need another hand to help (if it’s too tough to complete the steps at your own):

First, backup the user data (contacts, messages or SMS, notes, calendar entries, etc) if you’re able to (i.e. the phone is not locked).

Next, the core steps to trigger a “hard reset” via secret code:

1) Power off the phone.

2) Press these 3 keys simultaneously: CALL key, ASTERISK key (i.e. *), THREE key.

3) Don’t release that 3 keys until I say so.

4) Press the POWER button to power on the phone again and wait.

5) After the NOKIA logo appears, the “Formatting…” keyword will appear after couple of minutes. Now, you’re safe to release that 3 keys.

Finally, the N73 should have been formatted (hard reset) and ready to configure the phone as if it’s just out of the box (suppose the “hard reset” secret code really works).

So, if you’re kind, just drop me a comment to tell me the truth. (Syed Omer left a reply about this trick on last April, but I didn’t take it seriously. Sorry, dude).

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  1. nokia 5800 04-02-09@21:33

    Press * and # while power on – immediately format!!!

  2. Walker 10-02-09@15:22

    OK, I’ve tested the secret code yesterday, with the following testing conditions on N73 ME at a booth:

    1) No SIM card inside the phone
    2) *#0000# shows software version 4.0812.4.2.1 @ 21-03-08

    Result: The “Call key, *, 3” secret key DOES format the phone but NOT able to reset the security code or lock code!

  3. nitrocasket 01-04-09@19:10

    hey dude have problem on this trick i formated my n73 phone but the so called security code didn’t reconfigure as u said the code that saying you cant change your sim card pls i need some of your help

  4. Walker 01-04-09@21:06

    As what I commented before you, this so-called trick is not able to reset the security code :-(

  5. enigma 13-04-09@22:36

    at least this (hard reset) reformatted my mobile without asking for the lock code (coz I forgot it). now, my phone’s working properly. thanks!

  6. uh tigeh 13-04-09@23:10

    cd.thanks dude your tricks works on me phone (soft reset) before i didnt open any messages on my inbox but now its ok no need for hard reset…thanks!

  7. Amro 29-04-09@19:50

    thanks for this, I tried it a minute ago.I used the soft method. It formated my phone, 12345 secret code worked. But now, the problem is that my phone is unbeleiveably slow… I dont know why…

  8. tahir 09-05-09@18:44

    thanx a lot buddy , i was able to reset my phone. kindly help out in resetting the security code as well. i will b great full…….

  9. kai 15-05-09@06:33

    reseted just like it was out of the box, memory no longer full, security code did not reset, but thanks a lot because i just wanted to stop getting the message “Memory full please delete some data…”


  10. Scott 28-05-09@02:17

    Hi, I just did the whole process, but my phone still asks me for for the unlock code, what can I do?? the unlock code I’m asked to type is the “lock if sim changed” one, but I forgot it,


  11. Hassan 02-06-09@21:48

    thanks for the trick! (Unlock Nokia N73 or Nokia BB5 smart phones – Reset the security/lock code) I found that useful but i couldn’t restore my original phone code
    n73 thank you anyway :)

  12. KC 04-06-09@09:49


    thanks for this post buddy, it’s really helpful, my sister had been crying because of “MEMORY LOW” problem of her N73, but now it’s fixed because of formatting the phone by hard reset.

    thank you for this wonderful and informative post. god bless you!

    – KC of Philippines

  13. lloyd 09-06-09@01:13

    what is the ”THREE key” ??

  14. Walker 09-06-09@01:57

    The key that labelled as 3.

  15. varun 10-06-09@13:42

    i want formate code other than *#7370#…

  16. solvei 12-06-09@01:59

    it did not work.. i have a nokia n73, forgot my stupid password ._. nothing helps! does anybody know about something good? please answer! i have not jused my phone for a while. and i miss it

  17. nelson 12-06-09@13:25

    Hi, I just did the whole process, but my phone still asks me for for the unlock code, what can I do?? the unlock code I’m asked to type is the “lock if sim changed” one, but I forgot it.


  18. donprimo 15-06-09@01:54

    very helpful.. i did the hard reset…. thank you for posting this

  19. Alap 15-06-09@13:29

    The *+Call Button+3+Power ON will format your Phone IF:
    The SIM on which “Lock if SIM Changed” is PRESENT in the Phone
    BUT it will not RESET The LOCK CODE.

    Next Time you change the SIM, it will ask for the Unlock Code. Hence you are stuck with the SAME SIM.

    Hence Apparently DO NOT activate the “Lock if SIM Changed” OR Tattoo the UNLOCK Code on your Body, so that u won’t forget it.

    Self Bitter Experience. I think NOKIA Care Center will have some way to unlock the same IF We are able to prove that we have BOUGHT the Phone Legally & NOT STOLE it.

  20. Janardan 16-06-09@23:06

    Hi sir you are grate you solving my problem but soft reset ask lock code please invent new method to reset 12345 code i have third method *#7780# but cant reset code

  21. Mir Izhar Ali 19-06-09@17:05

    i have Nokia N73 i forget its security code i done formatt but it ask again security code it cant reset this phone is made in finland

  22. SiMAn 20-06-09@16:27

    I have a Nokia N73 and when I put a new Sim Card into this phone it asks for a Pin Number when I switch the phone on …. I think it maybe a 5 Digit Number I have forgotten my phone Lock Code ( The Lock If Sim Changed Code) and I have changed it from 12345 a while ago so it is no longer that anymore…. Is there a way that I can Reset this Code ….Thankyou … It only works with one Sim Card you cannot put in another Please Help

  23. sfzhi 03-07-09@05:33

    I have tried the “hard reset” on my Nokia N85. It worked fine and also the lock code was reset to 12345. Thanks for this very helpful post.

  24. solace 08-07-09@21:09

    Working perfectly well with my phone

  25. Whaleed 14-07-09@05:00

    I need a network unlock code for nokia 6288

  26. jeffrey 16-07-09@16:38

    how to change my lock code?

  27. PD 21-07-09@01:05

    This thing works to clear up the phone memory. Thanks a lot for the wonderful post.

  28. Andy 21-07-09@18:56

    yay! Thank you so much!
    now i know how to reset my phone everytime i’ll have the memory problem. but ofcourse i’ll use this as my last resort! :0

  29. thefonefreak 28-07-09@05:16

    I tried the trick and it worked… now its taking a hell lot of time to restore the phone data… i hope it does it without any errors… :-)

  30. archit 08-08-09@18:20

    thanx bro

  31. neo 16-08-09@11:53

    you can also unlock your phone security code by using nss software

  32. jem 22-08-09@01:50


    Thanks for the trick.. It really reformatted my phone.. But do you know how to reset the security code key? I want to buy a new SIM card but now I can’t because I have locked it… I really need it that badly… Please help me…

  33. GG 29-08-09@07:38

    I used the soft format to reset the code after I bought the phone second hand, and it did work!
    Thank you very much!

  34. rajsekhar 30-10-09@00:43

    my nokia n73 had got a problem. so i want to take my phone format , piez give me a suggestion i tried with *#7370# and 12345 but not responce

  35. Paru 03-11-09@05:41

    Hi,plz help me to reset my n73 security code…i forget my security code while changes from 12345,kindly help me from this great trouble..i shal be thanx for ur help.

  36. aditya 05-11-09@06:00

    TANKX THANKX THANKS dude …i have trying to reset my phone for 2 months and with a forgotten code it had become a hell lot of thing …but ur trick made it

  37. monu 10-11-09@01:38

    my n73 is locked n ur all the thre tricks all failed to unlock my mob ph. soft n hard rest need the password n the ‘three key’ trick rests my mob but not my mob lock password. can you please help me out.

  38. Ranga 10-11-09@22:18

    I want 2 reset my nokia n73 lock code.*#7370# This 1 is doesn’t work.Pls give me a correct code.Hwever, thanks.

  39. Joseph Ramos 17-11-09@16:58

    Nice trick on the phone thanks man.

  40. sam 18-11-09@09:23

    Hi DUDE …….. Thanks a Lot …….. I ve been struggling for the last one month………….

    KEEP ROCKING !!!!!!!!!!

  41. arif balkhi 03-12-09@11:52

    sir plz tell me what should i do to unlock the sim changed lock code. i forgot the lock code. i am in trouble sir.

    thanks and regards
    arif balkhi

  42. Ravi 05-12-09@18:42

    i forgot my password of “lock if sim chnged “. ur tricks are not working
    help me dude..

  43. justice rana 06-12-09@01:24

    ooh well dear.
    its working very properly.and thank you dear.

  44. pau 14-12-09@11:21

    can someone please help me how to unlock my lock code of my nokia n73

    thank you

    i have tried may solutions but that doesn’t work pls help

  45. successful! 19-12-09@00:48

    the hard reset worked on my n73! tnx a ton :)

  46. lishan 21-12-09@17:57

    switch off the phone and hold the three buttons (3,callbutton,asterix)and switch the phone on,and don not unhold the three buttons until it shows to select the country…….

  47. trina 23-12-09@11:47

    i’m using 5800 and i cant press the “3” cause the first and only thing that appears after pressing the power button is “lock code”.

  48. Kumar D 29-12-09@00:59

    It (Hard reset) worked for me.

  49. costin 17-01-10@23:30

    i got a n73 from a friend, think it has sim lock on him i tried the hard method for 5-6 minutes nothing…..

  50. romeo 18-01-10@05:08

    hey trina, this trick is nt for ur mobile, coz u got screen touch..

  51. Ann from Philippines 18-01-10@22:53

    hi! hard reset worked for my phone n73.

    after the Nokia logo appeared, no “formatting” keyword appeared but rather “select country” appeared so I let go of the 3 keys and chose a country. when I checked my phone data, everything was erased like brandnew and there is no longer “memory full” pop ups so far. I guess it really worked.


  52. costin 20-01-10@14:21

    how long did u kept the buttons pushed?

  53. may 25-01-10@11:49

    didnt work for me :(

  54. Hrishi 26-01-10@03:12

    The “Call key”,” *”,” 3″ secret key DOES format the phone but NOT able to reset the security code or lock code!

  55. IDIOT 29-01-10@03:28

    IDIOT!! if you reset your phone all your data will lose too..

  56. Yinka 29-01-10@13:41

    Please solution provider,the problem am having presently is that,i fogot the lock code of my nokia n73. Having apply both soft and hard formating method, i found the phone not formated.please i need ur assistance.

  57. Walker 30-01-10@13:29

    Please vet through the comments.
    As far as I have tested, it’s not working.

  58. Edwin 30-01-10@16:05

    Thanx a loot ,. than you very very very much

  59. parrot 15-02-10@00:13

    hello sir,
    i tried to format my phone (nokia n73) with the secret key i.e: call key, star and 3, but it not working. please can you be of help to me??.
    the version of my phone is : v 2.0628.0.0.1
    Nokia N73 (39.01)

  60. Budgie 21-02-10@17:33

    go to the idle screen on your phone and type in *#7370# It should ask you to confirm click yes and then the code should be 12345 as this is the default. Only try this with a reasonably full battery though as it can ruin the phone if the process is interrupted halfway.

  61. Budgie 21-02-10@17:35

    Im also fair sure that *#7780# will restore the phone to its factory settings

  62. Kitchu 10-03-10@02:37

    Your HARD RESET CODE WORKS PERFECTLY on my NOKIA N73 Music. Thanks :)

  63. Asad Abbas 10-03-10@16:31

    I have forgotten my lock code i have nokia n73 from last 2 years
    So what i have to do to know that code

  64. manorath 13-03-10@17:55

    really worked..Soft as well hard reset
    Thanks dude

  65. malit 18-03-10@17:04

    i have nokia n73 phone, i have changed my phone lock code, i forgot that code. acording to your hard rest instructions i done hard rest. but still phone code required. what will i want to do fix that problem

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