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How To Install Cambridge Talking Dictionary For Nokia 5800?

Besides the free Nokia Maps, Cambridge Talking Dictionary is another most wanted Symbian freeware for my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.

Indeed, I use this talking dictionary almost every day to learn new words and pronunciation, more than the “silent” bi-directional English-Chinese dictionary bundled with the phone (shame to tell you that how poor I’m in English :(

This mobile dictionary is big in term of size, about 79 MB even after compressed into zip file format (the biggest Symbian freeware I’ve found so far).

The file size is a result of its rich feature, such as explanation and sample sentences of the word in both English and Chinese, voice synthesis (word pronunciation), US and UK English phonetic symbol.

Symbian freeware for Nokia 5800 - Cambridge Talking DictionarySymbian S60 5th Edition freeware - Cambridge Talking Dictionary.

How to install the zipped Symbian Talking Dictionary freeware to Nokia 5800?

Download and uncompress the zip file (TalkingDict.zip).

At this time of writing, there are four directories (respectively named as Data, private, resource, sys), ReadMe.doc, and TalkingDictionary_S60_SA_signed.sis.

According to the ReadMe.doc, you should copy all the contents (the four directories and one SIS installation file) to the root directory of memory card (i.e. Nokia 5800 E: drive).

However, your memory card bundled with the original Nokia 5800 is very likely contains some of these folders. If you simply copy all the unzip contents to memory card, you’re replacing existing folders.

Is it safe to replace the existing folders with those extracted from Talking Dictionary zip file? I think so, but I didn’t follow that way suggested by ReadMe.doc.
When the existing folder is replaced, the existing folder content are preserved if the new folder contents are not having the same file name as those in existing folder. The properties (date/time, permission, ownership, etc) of replaced folders/files are definitely modified.

I’m lazy to check and confirm the effects of replacing existing folders. The best and safe bet is not to replace them at all.

So, I copy the extracted folder to memory card if that particular folder is not in memory card. Otherwise, the contents of the extracted folders are copied to existing folders in Nokia 5800 E: drive (memory card).

The SIS program installation file is transferred to the root of E: drive.

Lastly, press the Nokia 5800 menu key, go to Application, File Manager, E: Memory Card and “double click” the TalkingDictionary_S60_SA_siged.sis to begin Symbian program installation.

If you encounter expired certificate error, please refer to “How To Fix Nokia 5800 Expired Certificate Error During SIS Installation?“.

Once installation completes, the Talking Dictionary shortcut should appears in Nokia 5800 Application folder.

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  1. help me 25-02-09@18:31

    i installed the talking dictionary . i followed the steps but it won’t work. it says dictionary package not found.. please help..

  2. shrinivas 02-03-09@03:31

    same is case happened with me …….its saying “dictionary not found.you should install dictionary package”.

  3. Walker 09-03-09@12:22

    Hi all, I has no idea on how to help you as there is no much info given to me.

    When you said you follow the steps, I have no doubt that you’ve done it exactly the way I wrote with zero difference, i.e. at least you didn’t get extra folders from the extracted zip file other than those mentioned in my post, the source of downloading zip file is from Nokia HK, etc.

    So, if that’s the case, you should have installed the Talking Dictionary successfully as I did.

    Just to be sure again, the source I downloaded from Nokia HK has this MD5 checksum:


    Please check yours to see if we have a different souce of ZIP file.

  4. ramzy 05-04-09@10:52

    it worked wonderfully but can i avoid seeing the Chinese language or the tiny boxes that are supposed to be Chinese since my phone is not compatible with the Chinese language

  5. ramzy 05-04-09@10:53

    Hi again
    can I find a similar dictionary for 7610 supernova

  6. Walker 05-04-09@19:38

    @ramzy, sorry for not able to help you on this.

  7. Kirthivasan 09-04-09@09:02

    I have followed above steps, but while trying to , I am getting “Dictionary not found You should install dictionary package”

    Any suggestions?

  8. Jiljil 24-04-09@19:20

    Same happened when i tried to install the dictionary.“Dictionary not found You should install dictionary package” …Please give me solution for this.

  9. navnit 28-04-09@14:28

    I tried to install the talking dictionary but i am getting error “Dictionary not found install dictionary package”

    Please give me solution if ne body have


  10. irfan kanth 06-05-09@16:06

    hey, it works….
    m ecstatic…. simply paste the inner folders and files of talkin dictionary on the root …

  11. abc 24-05-09@15:49

    i also got this msg “Dictionary not found install dictionary package”

    help, plz


  12. Revised Method To Install Cambridge Talking Dictionary In Nokia 5800 07-06-09@15:10

    […] too. Although it works for me but it seems not working for some people who then left comments on my earlier post here that based on the original guide. Now, I would like to introduce you an alternative way, and […]

  13. Flavier 14-06-09@23:27

    If you can’t install it means you didnt put as the readme file told you. Don’t be afraid to extract in your root memory card and guess what it will not even replace files there. I use Total Commander to send those folders to my memory card and there was not even the question of replace, if there was other files there Total Commander should ask me what to do.

  14. john 20-06-09@11:58

    hi there the dictionary works but other function such as word test, quiz., hangman not found.. why???
    please advice

  15. Walker 21-06-09@15:00

    Are you referring to this Cambridge Talking Dictionary or something else?

  16. arpit 01-08-09@15:48

    i installed it but the volume is not there its is not pronouncing the words can u help me plsss…

  17. Eric 06-08-09@01:04

    it works!! thnx 4 that

  18. Nair 30-10-09@16:44

    i also got this msg “Dictionary not found install dictionary package”

    i tried to copy folder as well all the sub folder in the E : memory

    still same message

    but y most of the people getting this message

  19. Mohsen 02-11-09@17:31

    Just perfectly done,

    At first I copy folders to somewhere else , and install it, and Run it …
    and got this massage “Dictionary not found install dictionary package”

    Then I copy All folders in Root (E:) , merge all folders , and install again …
    And it work just fine.

    Thank you walker .

  20. Noy 25-12-09@12:01

    i can install your Dictionary but i found that your Dict doesn’t translate to Lao or Thai language. could any body help me. please send me English-Thai talking Dict, Adobe reader Le 2.5, Quick offce,anti virus & winrar for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. if any body help me i wish all of you to have good luck and good health

  21. Marar 18-01-10@16:01

    I have intalled the dictionary on my device and the shortcut appeared in the menu, but when I’m trying to strat the appliocation a message poping saying that ((the dictionary not found, you should install the dictionary package)). Please help.

  22. Jillian 04-03-10@09:08

    I bought my nokia e63 in HongKong last June, i had to format my memoery card because the files are being corrupted from time to time. I didn’t know that the applications were installed inn the memory card and therefore were all erased. It includes avatar SMS, and Cambridge Talking Dictionary. Where can I get those apps again? I really need the dictionary.

  23. Walker 04-03-10@19:42

    If you’re referring to this particular dictionary, the download link is already in the post.

  24. vichheka 18-04-10@11:59

    I also faced the same proble that “dictionary not found you should install dictionary package” so what bang do for this, i all have the dictionary components, but it still doesn’t work

  25. kanishka 22-05-10@12:38

    in mass storage mode, transfer all the files to your root directoty(if u r prompted that there already exists a file of that name, dont worry, transfer everything). Remember to do it in mass storage mode. After that, in your mobile click on the .sis file and install. Enjoy!!

  26. roland 13-07-10@00:12

    do you happen to know where I could get a medical dictionary for my nokia 5800? I badly needed it too.

  27. LSL 26-07-10@13:33

    Can I install the dictionary to my Nokia E71?

  28. CLARA 13-09-10@10:45

    Can I install this dictionary to my Nokia N97?

  29. Walker 13-09-10@21:20

    I think it works.

  30. Santosh 31-10-10@09:41

    :clap:Thx a lot mate. I got perfectly installed in my 5233.in this about 95 percent can be speakable and the rest cant .is der posibility to get dat r8. Thx again

  31. Thanassis 25-11-10@21:14

    If I download this dictionary on my phone will I be able to make text translation?

  32. Walker 25-11-10@23:21

    Nope, it is not for translation.

  33. santosh 05-02-11@05:42

    Thanq for ur kind information.

  34. aerob 12-02-11@12:45

    it works very well. thanks. can you provide more language pack? it will be more helpful. thanks a lot.

  35. mayhem 27-02-11@17:49

    i tried every thing but cant make it. Every time the same error( install package dictionary ):( please help me

  36. silencex 05-03-11@11:55

    Everything works fine except that my nokia5800 doesn’t display the chinese. please help me to solve this. thanks

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